25 Jan

So here we are, in 2008!
It’s a new year for the life of our Young Adults at St James. A new year but the same missions. The same as it has always been since the beginning, and that is to learn more about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to understand him better so that we can follow Him in truth and in love.
How do we do that in a world that teaches us that there is no absolute truth, a world where right and wrong is all relative to each other’s value system?
For us as Young Adults christians, it means that we turn to the only source of knowledge and wisdom, the Bible written by God’s inspired men.
And that is what our Young Adults ministry is made up of:
* weekly Bible Studies where we find ourselves around tables and around God’s word to study it and discuss it.
* regular socials (well hopefully with much work and organisation skills!)to get to know and love each other better so that we can spur one another on to good works.
* camps throughout the year where we go on a retreat for a week end to learn some more about our relationship with God and with each other.

In between, we also come together at church on a sunday morning and evening. Evening is particularly designed for us. The sermons are more Young Adults (YA) oriented and the music is loud – well loudER than in the morning!
On a well organised Sunday, there is a programm organised after church – After 8 – where some interesting people come and share what the Lord has done in their life, and how they serve Him. Other times a topic might be discussed. But After 8 is a programm under construction!
So it’s a full schedule, full programm, tons of exciting things to look forward to.

This blog is one of the new things happening. It’s an exciting project (for me at least!)and I pray firstly for time to manage it but also I pray that it will be a read that will be encouraging to other people to see how amazing and faithful God is and how He can work miracles in our lives by turning our hearts of stones into hearts of flesh, hearts that will have a desire to be living lives pleasing to Him.

So stay tuned!


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