Meeting the SLOBs

1 Feb

Who knows what SLOB stands for?

Chris and Cheryl are one pair of our leaders. They are, what our previous Young Adults pastor used to call, SLOB leaders. It sounds a bit bluuuurgh to me but it actually means something – which I can’t remember right now – something about senior leaders. Basically they are leaders, training other leaders, in their case the Romans leaders.
Every Wednesday, before our 7.30 Bible Study, the leaders have to meet to be trained themselves so that they can actually deliver a Bible Study that will be truthful to the word of God, and not some odd ideas about what they think the Bible is saying.
So now those of you who are studying the book of Romans with us this year can have your mind put at ease knowing that not only your leaders are trained beforehand, but they are in very good hands with their own leaders Chris and Cheryl.

On Thursday evening we had the SLOB leaders at our house for dinner. I enjoyed it, I’m hoping they did too. Besides Chris and Cheryl, we had Leon, the other SLOB leader and Sarah-Jane his girlfriend. Leon is responsible for the Mark leaders, but we’re not going to talk about Leon now because there is too much to say 🙂 (He is such an easy target for teasing, but I love you Leon!!)
Here is a picture of those very much appreciated teams.

What was particularly nice on that evening, besides Leon, was to see their commitment, motivation and desire to serve the Lord in this way and to be ready to put time and effort in not only teaching the Bible faithfully but also to engage the people in their care at a more personal level.
Being part of God’s family means that we need to get to know other Christians on a deep level to help each other to remain strong and firm in our walk with the Lord. We cannot do that if we are on our own with no one to encourage us when things are tough, challenge us when our decision making fails us and rebuke us when we allow the sinful nature to take over.
Please remember your leaders in your prayer time!
Til next time…


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