After 8…

4 Feb

What happens after 8 on a Sunday? No, it’s not the Etv movie with Chuck Norris (!!)
For us at St James, it is our own After 8!!
After an amazing sermon by Mervyn on Genesis, yesterday was the start of After 8 for the year. No proper schedule yet, no big bash but what a better way than to start with testimonies on how God called two of His children to live a life pleasing to Him. Chris and Cheryl (see previous post) were asked to share how they came to understand that living a life without Jesus at the centre was pointless and literally depressing – for Chris. Whether they surrendered to Jesus at an early age for Cheryl or whether it took a bit longer for Chris, they both stand firm in the knowledge that only God could save them from their sins and are since then living a life passionately to serve Him.
For the whoooo and the aaaahh of the story we heard how these two met. We’re not quite sure if Cheryl didn’t want to speak to Chris at first and/or if Cheryl bluntly came to introduce herself to Chris but the fact is they got married almost 3 years ago. They knew that Jesus was at the centre of their relationship and that, mixed with butterflies in the stomach makes for a solid marriage.

Apart from the testimony time, After 8 is also a place designed for 18+ and twenty-somethings to just hang out after the service. We meet upstairs next to the Coffee Shop (with subsidised food and drinks to fit the budget). Ok, the room isn’t as welcoming as… I don’t know, more welcoming rooms, but we would appreciate your suggestions and your willingness to help us put them into actions!! If you want to repaint the room, get more couches, add candles or anything else, come and speak to us and we can help you make it happen.
In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what it’s like to be part of God’s family.
I apologise for the bad quality of the pictures, the lighting was not good and I don’t know why my flash didn’t help…

Candice with the ‘béret’ and her amazing voice. We’re waiting to hear her again! Sorry I don’t know the young man’s name that seems to be in favour of Candice!

In the middle, another talented musician. Derick, you actually have to perform for us before you leave!

Chris and Cheryl being interviewed, deciding who played what role in the meeting…


One Response to “After 8…”

  1. Boskak February 5, 2008 at 11:35 am #

    Ah, finally a blog 🙂

    Since I’m in SY this year, I thought that finding out what is happening at YA would be a mission.

    But, I have found the light..
    If anyone is interested, I have my own website/blog :

    Will had your link to my site..
    Peace out,
    God bless


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