First social…

12 Feb

The one day that God decided to cut down the wind and give us scorching heat was…on the day of our social at Kirstenbosch! I don’t know about you but I was really hot, too hot. It was also crowded, very crowded, but not necessarily by our own people. It seems that we had taken the prime spot for children-at-Kirstenbosch since the fishing club of mums-and-tots had planned to sit by the river.
However for most of us – those who don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of their precious offpsring – it didn’t matter.
Quite a few people managed to make it. I think we were about 40 people, with most of our leaders there!
Tiff and Dave organised the who-bring-what side of the social and even though it’s not an easy job to plan for an event with an unknown number of people, they did a very good job. We did have an overwhelming amount of cross-buns, croissants, yahourts, muesli, drinks… Well we certainly didn’t leave hungry, hot and sweaty no doubt, but not hungry!
As for the social side, well social is social. I’m hoping that there was some good discussions going. I heard and witnessed lots of laughing, chatting so I’m assuming it was a good time for everybody!

In my well-prepared manner 🙂 I did bring my camera because photos speak louder than words. In my bad-organisation manner, my camera had no more battery 😦 but hubby-hub-nuch rescued me with his super-duper newly-upgraded cellphone camera.
The photos are a bit blurry but there are here nonetheless!

I even managed to get a pic of one of the most handsome guy present… No, not the one with head down!

What do you mean I’m biased??

For a first social, it went pretty well. We should have had more people though, but they missed out!!
Til next time… smile!


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