Sowing and reaping fruit – not a post on gardening…

25 Feb

When I think of resentment, bitterness, hurt feelings… I tend to think of an old woman that has been left by her husband with her 2 kids to raise on her own.
An old woman that has never had the courage – or trust – to forgive the pig, sorry I mean the husband.
An old woman who is now living with all these feelings that she has cherished over time.
But is this a realistic picture? Am I too young, or too carefree to be filled with resentment, bitterness or anger. Are those feelings really directed towards the person that has hurt me or towards a God that I struggle to trust to take care of me?

I must say that yesterday morning service challenged me. And not only the sermon, but also the prayer that Graham led.
To pray for the people that feel overwhelmed with life, people that feel they have been wronged, people that think that life isn’t fair, people that often blame others for their problems instead of examining themselves… well, to pray for all those people, I’m afraid includes most people. I don’t know about you, but it definitely includes me. Do I not feel resentful towards my husband when my desires haven’t been met? Do i not get angry when the people in my life don’t meet my expectations? Then what happens to those feelings? I have a feeling (another one!) that they don’t breed righteousness, godliness and Christ-likeness.

After the prayer came Ross who preached about sowing to the sinful nature and reaping, funny enough, the fruit of the sinful nature. Although immediately in my mind I think that I’m off the hook, it left no doubt as to the end result of those seemingly small and justified emotions that haven’t been dealt with.
It’s easy to think that because I don’t cheat on my husband, because I don’t steal in the shop, because I’m honest even to the point of pointing out to the cashier that she forgot to scan one article, and because I’m dedicated not only to my children, but also committed to my help my friends, then I’m not sowing to the sinful nature.
These are sure signs that I’m sowing to the Spirit. And yes it is! But what about those feelings mentioned earlier?

Can the sowing to the Spirit in most areas of my life erase the sowing to the sinful nature in those much less obvious other areas? Those safely guarded in my heart, hidden from everybody – sometimes even hidden from myself? How easy it is to deceive ourselves! How easy it is to justify a deserved anger, a reasoned resentment or an inevitable bitterness!
Do I not sow to the sinful nature when I nurture my grudges? What kind of consequences in my life can I expect if I cling to my disappointments and refuse to let go? How will I treat my family if I’m angry with them for what they did in the past? As Ross said, if I sow resentment, I will surely not reap love and happiness.

What then gets in the way of a forgiving heart, even when I have been wronged? My trust in God gets damaged every time I am hurt by someone. People often say ‘you must just trust God’ and although I understand the meaning of the sentence (even though I’m french!), it’s harder to understand the application of it.
But on Sunday, I was reminded once again that I must trust God, even when I have been wronged, even when I just want to go and tell the person that hurt me exactly what I think.
Trusting God means that I can let go of those feelings and not be worse off. I can trust God for my ’emotional’ well being.
Trusting God means that my heavenly Father knows that by not seeking to be proven right, by not demanding justice be done, I will be better off because I will have grown into godliness, I will have sown to please the Spirit and I will reap fruit of the Spirit, Christ-likeness, and ultimately eternal life!!
Pfew, what a journey!
I’ll finish with this verse from Galatians 6 (this whole chapter is just very ‘loud and clear’) but verse 7 is frightening (if we look at ourselves,and not if we are hoping that the-friend-that-hurt-you-so-badly is reading it!)
‘Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows’.
Obvious sowing, and less obvious sowing.
Happy gardening!!


One Response to “Sowing and reaping fruit – not a post on gardening…”

  1. Kerry September 29, 2008 at 5:13 pm #

    I’m only reading this now, but goodness it’s certainly true. I will reap what I sow.Hmmm… food for thought…

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