Young Adult Easter Convention…

31 Mar

If you are a Young Adult, you’ll know that April rhymes with YA Easter Convention!
This year however, March rhymed with YA Easter Convention, Easter being early and all… In fact, neither April nor March rhymes with ‘convention’ but in our mind, it does!!!
So for many of us, from Friday the 21st until Monday the 24th of March, young people from the Western Cape met in the amazing campsite of Rocklands. What a better place to start the week-end by just being reminded of what an artist God is!! The view is quite stunning.
We were also spoiled with two great speakers, the one is Justin Mote from England and the second is Gary Rohm from Table View.
Gary gave some talks on 1 Peter and encouraged us to stand firm in a world that doesn’t like followers of Christ.
Justin opened the book of Acts. It was such an encouragement to see how the Gospel moved to the end of the earth.
Going through Acts 9 with Saul’s conversion, it was interesting to see how God uses Saul’s persecution of the church and turns it into Saul’s conversion to eventually Saul’s commission – now called Paul – to go into that same town,Jerusalem for work of evangelism!! God has a certain sense of humour!!
It is a great encouragement for us, when we feel that we are just not worthy of our salvation, to see that even the worst of sinners (as Paul calls himself) has been changed by God as an example of mercy.

We also had a chilling session of Acts 10 and 11.
The vision of Peter explained! The Gospel is for ALL of us, Jews and Gentiles! How grateful must we be that we’ve been included! I was very challenged about the warning not to be prejudiced against, race, nationality, culture…or anything that is somehow remoted from us.

Another challenging session for me was one where we were reminded of how persecution is often a good thing for the church. In the time of Acts, the Gospel spread because of persecution. God does promise us that our sufferings here are not in vain but for our good – meaning our godliness. Do we live our lives in that light, knowing that our suffering might actually be beneficial to us, and ultimately to the church?

All in all, it was a great conference,of which I can only write a few extracts.
If you would like to write the striking bits you heard or the challenging talks you’ve attended or just share the good pictures you took, please contact me!!! I would love to add them here!
But enough of writing, here are some pics!

These are our 2 speakers. Justin with big gestures, and Gary, deep in the Bible…

We had some questions and answers’ sessions, with both of them. They did a remarkable job at answering on the dot questions that would take me hours of prep!!!

We obviously had some singing time before the sessions. Allen is fantastic to get the crowd in the right mood, to sing with conviction about what we sing. We sang songs in different langages, english, Xhosa and Afrikaans (nothing in french though…). The afrikaans one was one of the most beautiful ones!!

This was some Xhosa singing, with the famous groove that the african way adds to the singing!! With Craig, the second most famous white zulu, awesome!!

We also had some interviews. Those are two guys from Kayelitsha…

The convention was also characterised by lots of praying time. After some of the sessions, we broke into predetermined groups and chatted about what challenged us, and prayed about it. It was also a nice way to meet some people that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.

There was also some tennis table playing…

…and some very noisy eating sessions!!

And always lots of time for fun and fellowship…

I can’t wait for next year!!


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