13 Sep

Yesterday was a strange day.

It all started very bad with me waking up ill. I knew it was coming because the previous night, my stomach was cramping and I had to refuse my late cup of coffee with boudoirs and Nutella on it. Now you must know that if I refuse Nutella, there is Trouble (with a big T). I had a bug, so kindly shared by my husband. Strangely enough – and I may be speaking out of turn – none of the kids caught that bug. Ouma had it on Sunday, but then she left, leaving some crumbs for Phil, who then in turn gave it to me. Will it really stop here?

But to go back to my strange day, I woke up and it was surprisingly already very light. A quick look at my cellphone told me that it was almost 8.30. Whoa, I can’t remember when last I slept until 8.30 (except for most of last week because Ouma was with us and when Ouma is with us, the kids are entertained from the early hours of the day!). Even more surprisingly Phillip is still in the house, and he tells me that the kids are fed AND dressed. Now half of my day has just been done for me and I’m not even up yet! I think feeding times are my most hated moments of the day. It’s just too much frustration for my low level of patience. So I was very grateful to Phil that I didn’t have to do the feeding with a throbbing headache and stomach cramps!

All I had to do was to get up, get dressed and take Matt (my 2 year old) to playschool and come back to somehow entertain Killian (my almost 4 year old crazy boy). Not even! That’s how strange my day turned out to be! Somehow Matt didn’t stay at playschool but Killian did! I’m still not sure if it was a mistake or not – seeing that it is the playschool where he was asked to leave because of his (mis)behaviour (more on that in future posts, no doubt!) – but in that moment, where he asked to stay and where the teacher asked for him to stay, in that moment of weakness, or pure stupidity, Killian stayed!

Back home, my morning, I must admit, was very quiet. Little Matt can be such a sweetie! He entertained himself so well that I could just lie down and rest. My afternoon was just as good as my morning, seeing that Killian had his special school program (fair enough in Rondebosch which required quite a lot of driving) but again, a quiet – very quiet – afternoon with Matt sleeping until it was time to leave again.I must say, I love being a mom, in spite of all the challenges that it brings, but even with nausea, cramps and headache, and only very few responsibilities and tasks to do, days like that almost make me look back on those child-free days with a smile on my face. 


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