15 Sep

We have been wondering for a while what we should do, and like to do when it comes to the kids bedrooms’ arrangements. Up until now, Léa and Killian were sharing a room, with bunk beds and little Matt was on his own, still in his cot. It’s quite a surprise, and a relief, to see that even though he is a monkey, he doesn’t climb out of his cot.

I know he can do it nonetheless. With all the recent visits we had, we had to put the double bed of the guestroom into Matt’s room, take out his cot to put it into Léa and Killian’s room. It is crowded to say the least because the kids’ bedrooms are quite small and badly designed. So the bunk beds are on one side of the room and on the opposite, where the cupboard is, Matt’s cot is also – which gives him a sort of a helping hand to get out. And that he did, the one evening when we were watching a dvd in the TV room. Next moment we saw that little shade by the couch. Phillip got such a fright that he nearly hit him with his elbow or fist, I’m not too sure. Anyway, we haven’t seen the little guy since then (After bedtime that is, he’s still around during the day!)

The family visits have now stopped and during Léa’s absence, we finally decided: the two boys had a bonding experience this week where they really enjoyed playing together and doing boy’s stuff together (you know, all those crazy things a ADHD-4 year old boy and a 2 year old do…) We left them together in the same room at night to sleep and after jumping on the couch, chasing each other like lions and fighting each other with swords all day, they can be quite tiring, sorry I mean tired 🙂

BUT to make the fun even more fun (who doesn’t like fun, huh?) Phil decided that we should put Killian on the top bunk and Matt on a real-big-boy-bed (Killian’s old bed, at the bottom). Now, THAT is fun!! Well, after a few rebukes, threats, bargains, denials and out of control moments (not from the kids), and some over-excited, king of the world and I’m-so-proud-to-be-a-big-boy moments (from the kids), they did fall asleep. The new routine is now kicking in and bedtime is (re)becoming under control.

Tickling feet...

Supposed to sleep huh?

Supposed to sleep huh?


Cheeky Matt!

Cheeky Matt!

Contrary to the appearance, it's not a 'pleading' moment but only the bedtime prayer, with Killian fully concentrating!

Contrary to the appearance, it isn't a 'pleading' moment but the bedtime prayer, with Killian fully concentrating!

That was for the boys.

For Léa, I could organise her new room and make it a surprise for her when she’d come back. We left the double bed for her and used Matt’s piece of furniture for her clothes and a few girly touches like her musical jewelry box to decorate. The nicest feature is her beautiful doll house that can now be in her room with a “forbidden access” to her brothers. The expression on her face when she arrived was so precious: run in, run out and a big “whoa, this is so beautiful!!!”. It’s so nice to do something for our children when they show such joy! She has been loving her new bedroom and strict entrance policy had first been established until Killian also put some boundaries to his territory. They have since decided that they can still go to each other’s bedrooms. Mananan and Lola – respectively her baby teddy bear and her favorite doll – are now allowed to both sleep with her at the same time. They had to take turns previously for lack of space ( I’m guessing it’s reproducing the turn-taking at sleeping with Ouma when she’s visiting us).

Mananan and Lola, nicely tucked in!

Mananan and Lola, nicely tucked in!

And so, my babies are growing up. My little girl is in her own pink bedroom. My big boy is in the top bunk and my baby is out of his cot. I have no babies anymoooooore!!!

An anecdote to finish this post. I don’t think I’m a very sentimental person (I can hear my husband laughing as i write this…) but as we disassembled the cot, after disagreeing on the disassembling or not of the cot, emotions got in the way and I shed a tear. So I am a little bit sentimental after all! It is the cot we used for all three of our children, and not an ugly one, mind you! It can turn into a couch when you remove the one side but apparently, the room was not big enough to have a double bed, a compactum, a doll house AND a semi-couch. Fine then!! Let me shed my tear…


One Response to “NEW ROOMS, NEW ROOMS!”

  1. Phillip September 16, 2008 at 2:04 pm #

    That’s very sweet.
    I am also a bit sad to think that we don’t have any babies left…

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