18 Sep

…if you haven’t, it’s too late!! 

This week is the week of evangelism at our church. That means that we (by ‘we’ I mean St James) invited a guest preacher for sunday past, for various events during the week and for sunday coming. This term, our guest preacher was Michael Green. He is a gifted evangelist, coming all the way from England with his wife, Rosemary.

One of the main events of the week of evangelism were our E-dinners. E in E-dinner doesn’t stand for electronic (on the web) and the dinner we got served was real! E actually stands for evangelism (not too far fetched!!) and those dinners give you an opportunity to invite your unbelieving friends or family to a non-threatening event where a short presentation of the Gospel is done. Even though it’s still happening in the church building, the deco is always superb and non-religious. You would think that I would have taken some pictures but no! I did have my camera with me but that was as far as I could plan!

 Two evenings were organised for those dinners, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We, as Young Adults, were encouraged to come on the wednesday evening which replaced our mid-week Bible Study. I was very encouraged to see that quite a few of our Young Adults did have the guts to invite some of their non-christian friends. We all have been in prayer for this outreach and many of us were anxious at the response we’d get from our unbeliever friends. It can be so disappointing when at the last minute, the invited person doesn’t pitch or has an excuse for not coming…

For myself, I had been very much in prayer as I had planned to invit a colleague of mine. I do not know him very much but we get along well. I plucked up the courage to invite him and a friend of his (which later turned out that he couldn’t make it, so he brought his sister) and he accepted to come. I’m not too sure if he understood that it was an evangelistic dinner, even though I did make the point. Nonetheless, the evening went very well and it was really nice to get to know him outside of my work environment, instead of between two classes or between end of term reports. It was also important for me to introduce him to my husband so that Phil can actually put a face on the name.

Well, Michael Green preached the Gospel, the wonderful news of Jesus and his invitation, free and for all, to follow him. My colleague and his sister heard the message. The rest is really up to God. I pray that what they heard will reach their head and convict their heart. On each table, we were given a card on which to write what we thought of the evening and whether we wanted to respond to the invitation to follow Jesus. I know what I wrote on my card but I would have liked to be a little mouse and see what they wrote on theirs.


What did you think?

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