23 Sep

I had three funny instances with my kids this week end, all related to ‘pipi’ (‘wee”). I apologise for the child language but that’s what we call it in our house.

Mattéas is definitely ready to be potty trained but since he is my third one, one tends to be much more relaxed and in less in a hurry than your first child that needs to be potty trained the day after his second birthday. Nonetheless, Matt is just over two and when your child takes his time choosing which nappy he would like to wear, it is a sure sign that he’s ready to wee in the loo (I do have other signs that he’s ready though!).

So this week end, we thought he could start running around without a nappy and be reminded to go to the loo regularly, which he finds very amusing and entertaining. He also thinks it’s a good idea to try and make a wee every two minutes. Inevitably, at some point there is nothing left in the bladder. So here is Matt, standing by the loo, talking to his ‘pipi’: “Kom pipi, kom!!” Killian thought it was hilarious!


My second moment was at church with Lea, who needed to make a wee after Sunday school. So off she goes to the bathroom. Five minutes later, I’m still waiting and decide to go check if everything is fine. When I ask her if she’s finished, she tells me “Well, it was a very long pipi, I didn’t know if it was ever going to stop. But it was just a “groet pipi”!!  I just love how the mind of the child works! She was very relieved that her wee decided to stop!


My third moment was with Killian. It shows the logic of my out-of-sync child. He’s been sick these last few days, with an ear infection. He is always so full of energy that he won’t rest, unless he has pneumonia (which he did earlier this winter – what peaceful week we had!). This week end, trying to persuade him to lie down and rest for a while, here’s his story of why he doesn’t have to. He says “ I drink lots of juice and then I wee. And when I wee, my sickness is coming out of my wee, and dat is hoekom I don’t have to rest”, with a very genuine expression on his face. Who can make him rest after that?


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