29 Sep

There is nothing that I enjoy more than sun. I come from a very sunny area in France and I need my mediterranean sun. I’m not going to find it here in Cape Town but I can find South African sun. A la guerre comme a la guerre…

And if there is going to be sun, I want it in my garden! So we had our big climbing tree largely thinned and shaped. I’m not advertising any company but the one we usually use are so efficient and professional and quick and clean. That’s a lot of good qualities that made for a pleasant experience for me and very entertaining for Killian.


Before the felling,



During the felling,Hard work!


That was very interesting for Killis: a long electric saw. His dream toy most probably!


My young stud, supervising the workers!


The shredder! Quite a noisy machine, as you can see. Killian doesn’t deal very well with loud noises. He usually becomes louder than the noise but in that case, there was only one option!


The vacuum. Killian followed the worker all the way outside, being half blown away each time he got too close!

And on their way, in their three wagon-car! We’ll see them in 2009!


And voila!! My thinned crown-shaped brazilian pepper tree, 2008 version!


Now we can enjoy a sunny garden… Well, we will as soon the winter Cape Town rain will give us a break!!


One Response to “TREE FELLING”

  1. Debbie September 29, 2008 at 5:59 pm #

    Hey Ingrid, Glad to see you are blogging!! I’ve become quite addicted to mine!! But it is also a lot of fun!
    Nice tree!

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