2 Oct

Summer is (ALMOST) here. I would shout it if I thought it would help make it come faster… But it wouldn’t help. So we went the other route. We forced our garden to look like it is summer. So my big kids and I went to the nursery to choose the 2008 colours of our garden – and also because I needed to give some space to Phil so that he could work, which didn’t help because apparently Matt who stayed with him didn’t cooperate!

The three of us went to Ferndale nursery, not because it has the most beautiful flowers but because it has some playground for the kids – always an incentive for good behaviour, in theory.

First we choose the flowers. Pink for the girl (how predictable!), purple for the boy (heavily influenced by the mum “Look at those ones, they’re my favourite! What? You want those ones too??”) …

He seemed very into it on the previous pic, but let’s not fool ourselves:

They earned their time on the playground nonetheless. After all, nothing was broken, thrown, or trampled. They head first for the labyrinth. 

And some monkey exercise:

Back home, some more therapeutic moments, for some of us!

We choose the right spot:

Not looking happy, not sure why…

Let’s get down to work. Lea is doing good work. Killis only wants to dig holes…


…and cut (can you see the distressed look on my face?):

But we did have fun nonetheless. Lea is too easy to please!

But the nicest part of that morning wasn’t the play on the playground, or choosing the flowers, not planting them, not even cutting what shouldn’t be cut. No, it was Phillip throwing these 5kg bags of salt in the pool. You wouldn’t believe the SPLAAAASH it makes! THAT was the attraction of the morning!



  1. Taryn October 5, 2008 at 3:22 pm #

    my main page that updates ppl’s activities – the feed page – well, when people write on other people’s walls you see what they say – in your case, your blog addy came up twice, inviting those ppl to read 🙂

    Enjoy! BTW Leanna did a good job with her hair – haven’t read the post yet, but the pictures look pretty good!


  2. inks75 October 4, 2008 at 3:31 pm #

    Hey, no I don’t mind you leaving a comment. Where did it pop up though in Facebook?

    Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate it!
    I did give it a month or so before I gave the address to people interested to make sure I would run it properly – so far, so good!
    See you soon,
    Smiles, I.

  3. Taryn October 3, 2008 at 8:09 pm #

    hey – I hope you don’t mind me commenting here – just wanted to say that I’ve sneaked a peak at your blog since the address kept popping up at FB and I was curious… 🙂 I think you’ve done a superb job with it – I love the way you’ve organised the categories into nest related things and the layout is really cool. It’s also so great to see your family in action as we don’t see each other all that much, it’s lovely to see what you’ve been up to. I hope you manage to keep it going and that it will be the ministry you hope it to be – for YA and others too! Love, T

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