4 Oct

Running with scissors is one hilarious movie with one of our favorite quotes (which has nothing to do with the post but you can read it on my Facebook profile if it burns your curiosity). This post is not about running though but rather with scissors.


I know that kids love to cut with scissors. I also know that it’s good for their fine-motor skills to cut paper. I’m usually happy when my kids are asking for their scissors because they want to cut. I’m also happy when they go play outside. But the two combined – playing with scissors outside  – are not good.

I trust Lea, she is a bit older and quite responsible, as 5 year olds go. But when I see her coming back with a little bouquet of flowers from my garden, even though I go ‘ooooooooh’ with a big smile, I get a little bit tense at the thought of the damage done by the two monsters (Killian and Matt). The one has a lack of control of impulsivity and the other one has a lack of ‘age’ (being only 2). Of course they cut most of my flowers, not even to give them to me, the rascals, only to loosely drop them there. And no, there are no pictures because one doesn’t take a picture of a massacre! 🙂

It’s only flowers after all and I believe that it’s good to cut the top off to allow better and bigger blooming…


Right, next day, AGAIN they ask me for scissors. After an understandable hesitation, and after laying down the rules, I do give them their scissors. I’m only in the bedroom finishing up and the window-door is wide open which gives me easy access to run and rescue the potential victims of the wild blades. But when I looked up, I saw that Lea’s face looked a bit sad. At my question, she said that she wanted to cut her hair a little bit but that now, it was just too much… I must say that her sadness was punishment enough! And after much reassurance on my side that it didn’t look too bad, she was happy again. And it actually really doesn’t look to bad. It’s a rough semi-fringe, semi-layered hairstyle!

Only much later did I realised that she tried her hair-stylist initiation on her brother, but he really seemd pretty unphased by it! It’s lso not too bad either.

So from now on, I have to have the 15 points conditions when they decide to run with scissors:

  • No running with scissors
  • No cutting of flowers
  • No cutting of hair

In your experience, is there anything else I should anticipate?



  1. Debbie October 4, 2008 at 8:49 pm #

    I once had a child at school (long ago) who cut all his Mother’s curtains!She came to schol the next day and demanded to know who had taught him to use scissors! If they haven’t thought of this – yet, you may not want to give them ideas, however if you like your curtains it might be worth a mention! (is there a disclaimer here??!)
    “The above mentioned commenter will not be held accountable for any destruction of curtains by means of a pair of scissors”!!

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