5 Oct

You know how our children tend to copy us in everything we do? It can be as cute as them repeating funny words we say or as bad as them eating chocolate in the morning (I confess…)

Well it is true for everything! Here is a cute moment I want to remember.

On Saturday we went to the Barnyard ( a kid friendly place that looks like a barnyard: it has pigs, goats, chicken, bunnies, torteous, ducks and jungle gyms for the active kids!) since God blessed us – I mean it!- with sunshine. In true french fashion, I ordered a croissant, which means that if I actually want to eat some of it, I order one for each of my children. They also had a milkshake to savour while I sip on my cappucino.

Again in true french fashion, I dip my croissant in my cappucino (Don’t you pull that face!! It’s not like I dip a banana in my coffee, which I do too…). What happens next? I see my little two year old boy who wants to be like me (oooooooohhhh) except that he dipped his croissant in his milkshake (now is the appropriate time to pull that eeeeeurky face!), and ate it without a blink!

Isn’t it gorgeous how they mimic us! I wish I could freeze those moments…


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