8 Oct

One day of sun and we have to grab it!!!! Monday was such a nice day (it’s wednesday today and what’s the weather like? It’s raining…) My vegetable racks have been waiting for me in my garage, thirsty and waiting for sunshine for a few days… so even in spite of an invitation to the beach, work had to be done!

We (it was a team effort, really) first had to do the ground work, removing the unwanted weeds and plants that my gardener has planted without my agreement, then add a little bit of compost and fertiliser, and business is in the bag, or in the soil rather!

Some of us were confused as to where to clean up and dig!

During the clean-up process, we found some interesting and unexpected items, such as an old baby sock that had been missing for ages, and a potatoe, which is odd considering that I’ve never planted potatoes. I believe that there is a secret place in my garden where all the lost dummies are hiding, but we haven’t found that hideout yet. Here is Killian and Matt showing their discoveries.

There are no pics of the actual planting work, because on my own, it’s difficult to be a photographer and a plant-protector. I chose the latter! But they certainly earned a treat for their hard work (you can see how they shed their clothes as time progressed!)

Tomatoes, peppedews, strawberries and melons in the making!

And voila!! If God sends enough rain, gives enough sun, and if I actually remember to water reguarly, we should have some tomatoes, peppadews, strawberries, melon (I’m not sure of that one though), and possibly some carrots and green beans (but I haven’t planted those one yet).


3 Responses to “GROUND WORK”

  1. inks75 October 9, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    Done Lou!! Edited!

  2. inks75 October 8, 2008 at 10:20 pm #

    Hey Debs, no I haven’t heard of Taryn’s story. I actually tried to crop the pic, cutting out the relevant part but somehow it didn’t register the change from Picasa to my computer’s photos, so I just left it… I might think twice in the future…

  3. Debbie October 8, 2008 at 6:16 pm #

    I love the shoes that Leana chose to garden in!A bit like Niave who wants to ride her black bike in fluffy, pink, high heel dress up shoes.
    (p.s. you should think about password protecting when you use pictures of your kids without clothes, I’m sure you’ve heard about Taryn’s experience. Unfortunately cyberspace is full of sicko’s)

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