21 Oct

This week end was our Young Adults camp. I LOVE camps! I do. It’s a lot of preparations but it is so worth it! The kids were very excited at the idea of being ‘on camp’ for weeks now. It was not the ideal date for Young Adults (since it was 2 weeks before exams) but through a range of circumstances (I can hear my husband choking behind – it was mainly my fault…) it was the only available date and campsite. Nonetheless we had more than 50 people there. What a blessing!!

I was quite excited about this camp for two reasons:

  • First because we didn’t have one at the beginning of the year. Because Easter was so early, it would have clashed with the YA Easter Convention. So this camp was our only St James Young Adult camp of the year.
  •  Secondly because the theme was the work of God’s life-giving Spirit. From Death to Life. With four talks, and four chosen passages from Ezekiel, 2 Timothy, Isaiah and Acts, we explored the role of the Holy Spirit in God’s magnificent plan to deal with the consequences of man’s rebellion and once again bring life to those whom he had created in his image. 

Phillip handled the four talks and it has been an immense privilege to be given this opportunity. We can never out-give God and the crumbs that we think we give Him (by doing ministry or ministry-related things) undoubtedly come back to us (with growth and maturity in our faith and understanding of our Lord Jesus). Preparing for these talks has been for Phillip a personal growth in the knowledge of God and his Spirit.




· First talk – Ezekiel 37: God gives life to a world dead under his judgement by his Spirit through his word. Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones will run shudders through your back but gives us great hope in a God that wants to give us Life.

· Second talk – 2 Timothy 3: This word comes to us through the “God-Spirited” Scriptures and points to Jesus as the destroyer of death and bringer of life and immortality.

· Third talk – Isaiah 53 & 61: Jesus, God’s faithful, Spirit anointed servant, destroys death through his death in our place.

· Fourth talk – Acts 2: The risen and ascended Jesus is King in heaven and pours out God’s Spirit on all believers to give them life, obedience and the gift to speak God’s words of life to a world dead under God’s judgement.

This week end, God has given us a vision. We live in the valley of dry bones. We’ve been challenged to prophesy, like Ezekiel, to the “dry bones” and proclaim that Jesus IS the King. Without the Spirit’s work, there will be no Life .

This is the hall where we walked diligently for the sessions, and meals and everything else.

Each session had either a time of prayer, or an interview helping us to get to know someone new. Adam led a session where we prayed around different issues like Zimbabwe (with beforehand a brief but very neat explanation of what is happening there at the moment by ‘the most patriotic Zimbabwean girl you’ll ever meet’ – by her own words, sweet Jessica 🙂 ), our church, Young Adults ministry… Dave led a session and interviewed freshly-married-youth leader-Julia  and I led a session and interviewed short-time-memory-issue-Nico. It was nice to have other people involved in the ‘making’ of a session.

In between Phil’s talks, Sean managed the Bible Unwrapped. It’s a workshop where we take a tricky passage from the Bible, or a passage that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. We break into small groups and we work at it and try to unpack its meaning. It’s always so helpful and useful for me as it really equips me to understand the Bible for myself. I’m often lazy at that, usually waiting for Phillip to explain things to me (when you have a teacher at home, why would you want to make the hard work yourself 🙂 ) So this kind of workshop challenges me to think for myself. We looked at John 16 when Jesus prepares his disciples for His death and tells them that the Spirit will come after He leaves. 

Sean unwrapping John 16.

That’s an example of the small groups (although I think the study time was finished seeing that Bibles are closed… Leon!!!!) with Mark, Leon, Dave, John D, Evan and half of Murray!

Those small groups were not the only time of discussions. I made sure I intruded on many other talk-time with my disruptive camera…

Trav’ and Simon

Kirsty, Gillian and Nikky,

Spending time together with God’s people is also synonym with fun and laughter… Just good fellowship!

Nicola, Chantall, Caryn and Megan (Is that right?)

Kim and (louuuuuuuud) Candice,

Adam, Trav’, Dave and Sean 

Sorry for the red eyes, Sean… I could edit but it just takes extra time!

Enough of Kim now!! Does he ever stop, Julia??

Well, too many people to name names…

Two of our very talented musicians, Randall and Ryan with two of our guests, Nic and Kyle.

And Jess and John D

Murray and Grant (you always look so tired, Grant! What’s up with you!!)

Some of the girls, posing on a plank…

And Kim AGAIN and Cathy (hope your foot is better now…)

On Saturday afternoon, we had lots of free time and most of us went to the beach. We (as in Phillip and my kids, with Sean and Kirsty and her kids) went to Onrus beach. Going to the beach with kids is a completely different experience than without kids. You can’t lie down or you lose your kids (they either drowned or got lost or have been kidnapped) which, after you’ve been covered with sand, found wet suits lying on your bag, realised that the last clean nappy is now being used as a bathing suit and noticed that the cookie you’ve had your eyes upon is now crushed half on your towel, half on your clothes, well after all that, if they don’t drown by accident, I would easily drown them myself. Nonetheless, they had a good time!

Stella and my middle K,

My most gorgeous baby… Isn’t he gorgeous?

Last but oh so not the least is the music. We are immensely privileged to have top-notch musicians and singers in our Young Adults. I thank you very much guys for using this God-given gift of music. Not only the songs chosen are powerful and give us focus into the talks but you certainly bring out the emotional side of it with such talent!! 

Well done to Randall and Ryan for the bass and drums, Nicole and Candice for the vocals, Kirstin with the clarinette and our very very talented Steven 🙂 for the guitar and vocals and much more than that…

Preparing the laptop for the words ( I think…)

And voila!!!

Thank you to all for such a great week end. I hope that it’s been as good for you as it was for us!!! Start booking NOW for the next one: end of February, same place, (some of the) same people, and more!!!



8 Responses to “TO LIFE…”

  1. Steven October 25, 2008 at 9:48 am #


  2. Adam October 23, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    Wow! thanks Ingrid for capturing the awesome memories. Definately one of the best camps I’ve been on. Can’t wait for the next one:)

  3. Adam October 23, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    Wow! thanks Ingid for capturing the awesome memories. Definately one of the best camps I’ve been on. Can’t wait for the next one:)

  4. Kerry October 22, 2008 at 3:54 pm #

    We miss you guys!

  5. Leon October 22, 2008 at 1:42 pm #

    Nice one:) You’re a christian hey??? 🙂

  6. inks75 October 22, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Funny you’d say that Leon! When I tried to upload the pic you’re on, my computer crashed… Coincidence???
    I think not!

  7. Leon October 22, 2008 at 1:31 pm #

    This blog “rocks the boat”! Well done Ingrid, it’s awesome. I do however feel that more pics of me might increase the traffic to this blog!? . . . I just checked with Sarah-Jane and she says she definitely agrees with me:)

  8. Phillip October 22, 2008 at 1:07 pm #

    And thank you very much to the lovely French lady taking all the pictures and writing this post.

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