22 Oct

A few days ago, we had stunning weather. I know it sounds strange, but anything can happen when God is in charge 🙂

The big kids were due to start the new term with cricket (instead of rugby and soccer) but I really felt like doing something fun for everybody – not that I don’t enjoy wathcing them doing sport! So off we went to Kirstenbosch. For those who don’t know Cape Town, it is our national botanical garden, and in the middle runs a river (Sorry, that’s humour that will be lost on most of you, except on my husband if he’s sharp enough…)

Anyway, no need for a long essay here. We just had a fantastic time with the three bambinos and I loved spending this time with them. So I pat myself on the back for this good initiative!

My big girl practising her best smile,

Matt, defying gravity – well his own at least!

And Killian, onto whom gravity has no effect!

After conquering the river and the trees, there’s only one thing left to do: chasing the ducks of course!

Understanding his lot, the duck finally takes off…

The confused looks. Why, oh why would the duck disappear like that on them??

A deserved rest after all the chasing.

And as we left, ducks and nature breathed a sigh of relief 😉


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