3 Nov

It’s a late post but it’s worth remembering the 28th of October 2008!! I had this all planned in my head for a few days in advance. Waking-up time, singing time, opening presents timet and we’re a big happy family, right? Well we are a big, fairly happy family but we don’t live in books…

On the birthday day, we only open family gifts, that is one from my mum, one from Phil’s parents and one from us. That went well and he was very excited – understandably so – but I spent the rest of the morning having to fight with who can play with what. Killian gets overwhelmed very quickly and he struggled to cope with new gifts for him, nothing for his siblings, yet still having to share…. SHARE SHARE SHARE ‘can’t comprehend the message’ !

Don’t you love the morning faces…

Present times: a really nice plane from Ouma,

And a cool train set, first one in our house from mamie,

And for our future rock star, a guitar…

In the evening we went to the Spur on Killis’ birthday. Sigh…

I don’t like the Spur (I hope I’m allowed to write that on line…) but we go because we have children… It’s the best thing in the world for the kids to see their papa arriving early from work AND taking them out in the evening to that-place-where-they-can-play. 

So we went there to finish up the day of celebrations, and they can eat their burger with chips and the little chap even gets to be sung the funniest song about birthday (I wish I could remember what they say…), – african tradition it must be – with a sparkle candle. His face was priceless. Killian doesn’t handle unexpected loud noise, or bright light very well (Man, there is a lot of thing this little man can’t handle…). And in spite of his fearless and loud personality, he just shriveled next to his dad, not too sure what to do about all this light, noise and attention, but felt very special!!

It’s even dark as we leave the restaurant. They feel so grown-up to be up while it’s dark! And they just love to see the town all lit up.

And if I thought that I’m done with birthdays, well not quite. The party is still to come, Hubby-hub-Nuch’s birthday is the next day, and mine in two weeks time. 




  1. Debbie November 3, 2008 at 9:18 pm #

    Don’t you just love Nucleus Toys?! I could buy the whole shop! I can’t go there too often because i would spend far too much money!
    It’s all just wonderful!!

    You guys certainly have some birthday’s and Christmas just around the corner. We have our birthdays nicely spaced: 6 months apart (the girls) and 3 months away from Christmas on either side:-)!

  2. Taryn November 3, 2008 at 2:58 pm #

    hey! glad to see the birthday went well for the most part 🙂 Sam got a train set from Nucleas for his birthday too 😉 It was a mom-dad-grannies-and-grandpas gift. What fun! They all love playing with it. Killian looks super cool with his guitar! Sharing is sooo hard, especially with birthday pressies. I think you guys deserve some gifting too for having to cope with it all! Now to celebrate your birthday soon!

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