11 Nov

November months are always fully packed!! Now to keep up with the blog posts on all these end-of year thank yous, farewell, socials AND birthdays (as far as WE’re concerned!), it’s not easy-peasy – new word, I know – not easy-peasy!!!

So with a few days delay, I wanted to put a few shots of our leaders-thank you-social-braai. Pfew, it becomes complicated to name these things. 

We moved our table in the middle of our garden; it gives such an nice ‘picnic-magasine’ picture. Practically speaking, it gives more shade but the green adds to the charm of it 🙂 We had such fun! The atmosphere was very relaxed, the people seemed pretty happy and chilled and the kids had entertainement provided for free (with some of our leaders being children-at-heart).

The reason why we have these end of year parties is not because we like to have an overbooked month of November but because we really want to say thank you to all the people that were invovled with the Young Adults ministry. If it were not for them, there would be no ministry to the Young Adults – nothing functionning properly at least. The growth that we see each year at Young Adults, not only in numbers but in maturity, understanding and application of their faith is due to God’s work in people’s heart, of course, but using the leaders as tools to teach and disciple these young adults.

So it’s a simple way to say thank you to you, leaders, for your hard work, your commitment to the studies and your commitment to be godly example by teaching and living God’s way.

dsc03266dsc03277Tiffany and David brought Jessie, Tiffany’s little sister. Her parents adopted her, just a year ago. She’s the most gorgeous little thing. She’s very peaceful and quiet and just happy. Discovering flowers…

dsc03280and (fake) butterflies

dsc03286Food was the center of attention, as in any appropriate social 🙂

dsc03270dsc03278dsc03302Not just food but entertainment was also of the party. The big kids  – and I’m not talking about MY big kids – can’t stay still for too long and they need a little bit of exercise.


dsc03318dsc03319dsc03338dsc03339While the wives/girlfriends watched and seemingly encouraged their protégés.

dsc03329dsc03342And in the midst of all this, plenty of laughter, love and fellowship…

dsc03311Leigh and Killian, discussing the things of this world and the world to come,

dsc03334dsc03360dsc03366And I love the group picture! It will be such a nice memory!!


dsc03370Ouf, and voila! It only took me an hour to upload these pictures…



  1. meryl rabe November 12, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    Dankie Ingrid!

    And happy birfday for today!! 🙂


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