18 Nov

On Friday, we had our Young Adults social to close our year 2008.

We had a Praise and Worship evening with finger food. The nice thing about this social was that we didn’t have to organise anything. Nicole and Steven came up with the idea (the one wanted the band to be involved, the other wanted some easy food to nibble on) and the two ideas combined achieved a very nice, meaningful, entertaining and relaxing evening.

We all had to bring something to eat or drink. I drew up the roster of who brings what, and I either underestimated how thirsty YA are, or the people assigned to bring drinks didn’t make it. We had far more food compared to cool drinks.  In spite of this, we were treated to wonderful music, not only because the voices of Steven, Candice and Nicole are just unbelievable, but also because we sang songs of worship and praise to our Lord Jesus.

Looking back at the year, we had a great year teaching and learning about the identity and mission of Jesus (for the Mark groups),discovering the proper explanation of the Gospel, which is " the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes" (for the Romans groups) and taking a long journey through time and history revealing in the Bible how God brings everything under the headship of Christ (for the Bible overview groups). What a better opportunity than our end of year social to say thank you and to praise God for all the wonderful things that He has taught us throughout the year.

The band preparing,


Beautiful candlelight display of the food,


Praying time,


And last but not least, Steven, being embarrassed by everyone singing ‘Happy Birthday!!!!’


Thank you to all who are involved in the Young Adults ministry. I know I’ve said it before but without God’s people willing to serve Him, there would be no ministry!


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