Steven’s BIG birthday celebration…

25 Nov

Last week end we had Steven’s birthday party at our house. What’s nice with Steven is that is a really relaxed kind of guy. Until the last minute, we didn’t know the time it would start (6ish) or the number of people coming (between 15 and 50). We knew it would be a braai and I assumed it would be late.

It did start after 6 (Young Adults are famous for the fashionably late arrival), it was closer to 50 people than 15, it was a braai and it did finish late. And it was a lot of fun!!! There was people everywhere. Most of them I knew, some I didn’t.

In the garden,


by the pool,


in the house,


at the table,


or just plainly on the floor – don’t ask!


Kirstin made a lovely cake, of which I have no proof, in the shape of a guitar, for the artist-musician-singer birthday boy.

And the evening ended up with a few of the guests crashing on our couch to watch the movie 300.



Terence gave us some of the sound effects accompanied with gestures – with a blurry effect because he’s soooooo fast 😉


Half past twelve, people were out and Steven was one day older…

Thanks Steven for sharing your birthday with all your friends!

One Response to “Steven’s BIG birthday celebration…”

  1. Steven December 3, 2008 at 1:02 pm #

    Good times!!!
    Thanks again for letting us invade your house!

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