Bramble Elfglow wrote…

28 Nov

She has lost it! Léa lost her first tooth! At long last! it had been wobbly for quite a while now (I think I remember writing something about it!). The adult tooth had even took it upon itself to come out before the milk one fell away…

So we had been encouraging Lea at every corner of the house to help the process along: stir it, move it, pull it, brush the toothbrush on it, have an apple, bind it to a rope and attach the other end at the handle of the door and wait for your gentle brother to slam it… 😉

I was given ample time to think about what I wanted to do: the tooth fairy (English version) or the little mouse (french version). A few months ago when Lea fell and lost her top tooth in the process, we were obviously miles away from having decided what, when and how much. So we gave a simple story that sometimes it’s a fairy and sometimes a little mouse, and sometimes she gives money and sometimes, she gives something else. It’s always a surprise… I decided I wanted to stick to that story, this way it’s more ‘here and there’ and it depends on the inspiration and time I’ll have on my hand at that time!

This time around, I had asked my mum to send me a picture of her with a little fairy on her shoulder. The idea was to pretend that the fairy (this time it’s a fairy) went all the way to France to give my mum her tooth. Murphy’s law, of course, was that even though I had plenty of time to get ready, Lea lost her tooth when our house is in a indescribable chaos because we’re having it painted. Find the tooth pillow when the furniture is not where it should be, find the art paper lost in the middle of a tons of papers, print the picture when I have no access to Internet AND we were going out in the evening… Lea was gracious enough that she didn’t get the surprise the first night that followed the event – we brainwashed her, in a subtle way, into thinking that the tooth fairy might be very busy, and boy, children are gullible sometimes 🙂

This morning though, Lea was so excited to find the picture  attached to a short letter AND the R10  banknote! This is what it looked like when I put it next to her bed, and in the morning when she opened it. Fairy Bramble Elfglow wrote a note.



I didn’t think that she would pay attention to so much details but on the picture, the little fairy has a stand that got Lea thinking. ‘Why does she have this thing under her feet?”… Well, I don’t know, maybe it’s to rest her feet (it’s 7 in the morning, ok!!!).

At the end of the letter, I wrote ” Until next time I see you, here is some magic powder to help you sleep and have fairy dreams”. So I ask her, “did you have fairy dreams?”… In the most matter-of-fact tone, she replied ‘No I didn’t”…

Oh well… At least Bramble Elfglow wrote to you…


One Response to “Bramble Elfglow wrote…”

  1. Kerry December 13, 2008 at 10:39 am #

    Bramble Elfglow oyu are a truly amazing little fairy! Imagine being able to fly all the way to France! I loved the pic with your mum and the fairy! Very cute! And I love the way this fairy has kept up with inflation. From coins to notes… Does anyone remember the days when she left coins and you were actually rich when she left?!

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