Tom’s 7th birthday

2 Dec

Yesterday was the celebration of Tom’s birthday. Tom is (one of) the son of my good friend Caren. She has four, all boys…Tom just turned 7. I have a soft spot for this little boy because some of his struggles resemble (from a far distance) some of Killian’s struggles but also because I think he has  a big heart and a sensitive soul. Caren just invited a few friends (hers and Tom’s) for a celebration of these seven years of Thomas.

The kids swam and it was quite a stressful process – for me at least, having kids that are not water safe. It’s not often that I can say that, but for once, my children were among the ‘calmest’. They took a back seat and just watched the bigger kids swim and jump and splash and dive… Killian even felt a bit overwhelmed with the agitation and decided that he was not going to swim because there is too much splashing 😉

James (Tom’s brother) and Hannah stayed in the water until most of their body parts were blue. I don’t know how they could not freeze. Yesterday was not the warmest day… but kids…



DSC03790  Belinda was watching like an hawk!


Killian and Tom in a multi-language conversation… I think Killian was asking if he could do or borrow something and Tom said no for a good reason… but Killian ended up doing it anyway… Good on him for asking though, in understandable English :0)


That is the birthday boy, sweet Tom.


And my dear friend Caren and I. Caren, if you do read that (on your cell phone), know that I love you very much… 🙂



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