Book club(s) week…

7 Dec

I belong to two book clubs. They are both monthly meetings and under normal circumstances, they don’t happen in the same week. However this month, not only I happen to have both in the same week, but it’s also the month where my house is painted inside and the month where I host both (dear old Murphy… 🙂 )

My Young Adults book club (YAB) started this year and it’s been a great year meeting up with Young Adults that are interested in reading Christian books. I’d love to have many YABs and with this idea in mind, we invited other Young Adults interested in joining in a book club. It was our last meeting of the year. We decided not to have a January meeting, since many of them would be away, being students and all… So we wrapped things up for this year until February and had pizzas and video (the newcomers might have thought that it’s a really interesting club to be part of!). Yeah, we bribed them with pizzas 😉 Before the video we did do the usual stuff though, introducing our new books and sharing about the books we read and the encouragement we found in them. It has been throughout the year a really nice time of fellowship as well where we have more time to chat, in a restricted environment with less people than when we meet for our Bible Studies. Because of different circumstances, some girls have to leave the book club and I’m really sad to say goodbye to Kyla (and not only for the book club sake!!), to Jill ( aka Jilly-Bean 😉 ) and to Kirsty (but I’ll still see you regularly!).

I’m looking forward to Feb, to start up again and, God willing, with a new brother YAB!!

My other book club has been running for longer but this month was very special as we had to say goodbye to one of our guest members for the year, Alison. Alison and her husband have been in Cape Town for 4 years, while he was studying at GWC (a theological college) but I only met them at the beginning of the year. They are leaving next week to go back to Kenya. As a farewell gift, a blog was open for them and each one of us had to write a list of some of our favourite books, (so that Alison has a big pool to choose from!)some of our recipes and a message of farewell to Alison. The idea was to present her with the new blog and talaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Poor sweet Alison was just too overwhelmed and broke down in tears – and so did many of us too! I think women have a problem with contagious crying 😉

Here nonetheless, she put on a brave face…(notice the books on the table, a proper book club…)


DSC03826  DSC03825

I can identify – at a much lower level –  with the mixed feelings of leaving friends behind, which is too sad to describe in words but returning to your country and be with your family again, which is wonderful. Alison’s blog,, will be a way for us to keep in touch with her and her with us. I pray that God will protect them (they have two gorgeous little sons, Jonathan 5 and Ezra 3) and bless their new ministry in their new home.

And before I closed this post, I just went to check if the address of Alison’s blog is correct, and boy, Alison!!! You’ve been blogging!!! You’re a fast learner 🙂


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