When Uncle Willy comes…

12 Dec

I ‘ve heard about Uncle Willy’s for a few years now and I had been a bit reluctant to go. Mostly because my kids were too little (my eldest is only 5 now) but also because it just didn’t appeal to me that much. But after having literally most of my friends saying that I must go because it will be the best experience ever…I finally decided to take the jump. Through a range of circumstances, I happened to go with only my daughter and to leave the boys (hubby included) at home. I would have preferred for us to go all together but I made a mistake in the bookings…. I had made arrangements though to go with a friend of mine, Sue, whose daughter is Lea’s favourite friend, Anneke.

I’m not going to go through the whole program (the magic show, the band, the kids trying out the instruments, Noddy and his friends, the Carols songs, the fairy and finally Santa Claus) but the highlights of the party – for the kids – are without any doubts the hay fights and the giving of gifts.

As you arrive, there is hay everywhere and the children are indulging in fights (thankfully, in spite of her asthma, Léa didn’t have any problem there!). This was a lot of fun for the girls.





We don’t really do the Father Christmas in our home so Lea knew full well that I had bought her a gift that Christmas Father (as she likes to refer to him) would give to her. So she was quite eager to get the gift, which happened at the very very end of the party, only once the sky is dark and stars are shining. The fairy was much more exciting to her than Father Christmas actually. This little fairy was absolutely stunning, gorgeous girl! After receiving her little gift from her (a bag of sweets) Léa told me she wanted to go back and see her – which she did but once there, she didn’t know what to tell her! The poor little girl (who is acting out as a fairy) also felt awkward since she’s only 7 or 8 years old! So there they were, looking at each other and Lea truly believing that it was a real fairy… So sweet! She later asked me how could the fairy be small when she flies and then be big when she arrived…

Mmmh good question my poppy…



For the rest of the party, and it’s only my opinion on the matter, I found that everything was not entirely age-appropriate. I don’t mean that in a inappropriate way but rather that it seemed that much of the entertainment went above their heads. The singing of the Carols couldn’t be sang by the kids because they don’t know the words and most of them can’t read and the magic show… I don’t know. It seemed that Lea was not super thrilled overall.

Just for the record that I was there,


And for the record that Sue was there too…


Lea trying the drum,


However I can see that it is an event where you’d rather be going with a big crowd of friends or family to maximise the fun. Lea had a good time because she was with Anneke but I suspect that if you go with many more friends, it’s even more fun. Also, Sue and I sat at the back where all the parents were but a few mums and dads chose to sit with their kids in the front and I should have done that too. It’s much more interesting to share in the entertainment with your kids than sitting at the back.

Also, as the night went dark and they turned all the lights out to see Father Christmas coming, I found myself not liking my little girl, in the front, on her own, in the pitch dark night… I’m a bit paranoid for this but if some deranged person wants to kidnap a child, there’s no better place…

So my word of advice to myself for next year is:

* Step 1: Convince the hubby-hub-nuch that it’s not so bad and that we must give it a good try next year – that’s the hard part!! 😉

* Once step 1 is achieved, step 2 will be to sit with the kids and actually explain what is happening if they seem to lose interest.

* Step 3, choose a crowd of good friends of the parents and the children and multiply the good vibe!!


2 Responses to “When Uncle Willy comes…”

  1. Kerry December 13, 2008 at 10:32 am #

    Yip the fun definitely comes from being in crowd. And the men definitely have to be there cos they make it more fun by going crazy and getting the kids into the vibe! And yip sitting with your kids makes them really enjoy things.

    But it’s so funny that Lea calls him Christmas Father cos Jesse says that too! Very sweet!

    • inks75 December 15, 2008 at 10:26 am #

      Then I can only think of Jesse having to be blamed for my daughter’s English mistake… TO be led astray so young! Shame on you Kerry 😉

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