Was, is and always will be…

18 Dec

We are doing renovations. Or shall I shall ‘we have been doing renovations’, ‘we are still doing renovations’, and it seems that we will always been doing renovations…

You’d think that replacing our windows and repainting the house is a quick job… Well no, you wouldn’t think that because it isn’t but it is a very disruptive job!! Changing the windows was what I dreaded the most – partly because of my friend Kerry who warned me that it would be awful, an absolute nightmare, an impossible time in your life… If you know Kerry, you’ll know that she likes to speak in the superlatives ;). BUT replacing the windows was a clean 3 day-job and the dust was, strangely enough, very well contained!

The painting job was (and is) a different story. It helps to look on the funny side of things (sometimes…) and instead of listing all the things that went wrong, I’ll file the funny moments. Apart from moving the furniture around and protecting your ‘sentimentals’ (I’m more scared about my ‘sentimentals’ than my ‘valuables’), I had the funny episode of Matt coming with a proud ‘talaaaaaaa’ to show me his hands and arms covered in pink paint and the more anxious episode of hearing Lea shouting “come quiiiiiiiiiiiiick mama’ only to find Matt covered from head to toe with the cement powder, again with a proud ‘talaaaaaaaa’. Lea said he looked like a monster, and he did with only his big brown eyes sticking out!!

Killian seems to have found a new interest in building and loves to follow and make conversation with James, one of the workers. After James came back from a few days of sickness, Killian was as happy to see him as if it had been his friend from school! He loves to hang around the workers and watch what they’re doing. I’m used to Killian being in places and situations that might make other people a bit fidgety but the workers, at the beginning, were not at ease with Killian being there… a few later, they almost ask him to help out!!

A not so ‘ahah’ moment was when our bedroom was co-ve-red in dust, like Hiroshima, the non-life threatening dust version, had landed just there. Not once but twice. I spent my Saturday cleaning my bedroom so that we could see not through a cloud of dust only to have them do the same treatment on the Monday… They did some grinding work, without a door separating the bathroom from the bedroom… Well,  I don’t suffer from allergies, usually, but not anymore!! Coughing, scratching of the throat, headache and sneezing are now part of my life too!!



The pics don’t have much to do with the renovations, but they certainly show that Killian is very enthusiastic about them!!! One can already see though the conservatory roof of the bathroom… It also allows me to see how clean they were not so long ago and how filthy they already are…

I’ll put before and after picture when the work will actually be finished… one day…


2 Responses to “Was, is and always will be…”

  1. Phillip December 19, 2008 at 4:20 pm #

    Fair comment Kerry…

  2. Kerry December 19, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Hmmmm.. the dust was like Hiroshima… Hmmm It seems I’m not the only to be dramatic…

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