The French arrived!!

23 Dec

It’s been a week since my mum arrived here in Cape Town with her friend Claude and I haven’t even had time to write about it???

So many things, so little time!! The one big thing was to meet her friend Claude whom I hadn’t met before. He is quite nice and it’s nice for them to be together to visit this new country!

This is our first meal all together on the Tuesday evening. The only one missing was Phil’s dad who had to stay in Joburg.



They did one outing on their own with their own private tourist guide ( a french friend of mine) and they went up Table mountain, visited the castle and the museums around and walked through Bo-Kap the Malay area. They had a great day! Together, we went to the Aquarium (easy with the kids) and to Kirstenbosch and I obviously showed them Cavendish and Canal Walk to kill the myth of Africa being poor and having lions strolling in the streets 😉

Here in the bubble. You get inside and you are surrounded with the Aquarium. It’s quite a nice feeling actually – if you’re not claustrophobic!



We stopped at the restaurant afterwards, with tired and hungry children, but with still enough energy to go play in the play area at the back just long enough to give us time to enjoy our meal.

Some enjoyed it more than other. Killian, clearly, is not a fan of green salad… He enjoyed his calamari much more for the record 😉


These are the two love-birds,


Next day was Kirstenbosch day, where my camera miserably failed me, with no more battery… but it was a lovely day and the garden is looking absolutely beautiful. It’s always wonderful to be reminded of the amazing beauty that God created!


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