Two becoming one…

5 Jan

Stunning wedding…. I won’t elaborate too much, because most weddings tend to follow the same pattern.

One thing that I found very special was how the whole ceremony and celebration were completely infiltrated by the love of God, love that He has poured out on us, and a total thankfulness for all the blessings that He has showered  on both families over the years.

Yes the bride was beautiful, and the groom was handsome, and yes the decor was out of a fairy tale, the venue was idyllic, and the food was good. But more importantly the love between Sarah-Jane and her dad Ross was so precious, the care that Lindy took of Sarah-Jane was so beautiful, the humble pride of Leon and Mary-Ann (Leon’s parents) towards Leon (Junior) was unusual and of course the genuine love between Sarah-Jane and Leon was evident too. A very sweet and funny speech of Ross demonstrated how much he loves Lindy, and even after making Leon blush for his slip-ups (really Leon? Stroking your father-in-law’s leg???), he’s shown that Leon was dearly loved and appreciated.

Above all, their love of Christ was what made the wedding so special. Both the Venters and the Andersons live a life that reflects the love of Christ and this was made obvious in many ways, not least of all the legacy of personal acceptance of Christ as Lord AND Saviour that they passed onto their own children. A real example of complete submission to Christ,  deep humility among men and grace from God in their lives paved the way for the faith that both SJ and Leon share in our Lord Jesus.

I will pray  that Leon and Sarah-Jane’s marriage will also be a reflection of God’s love for His bride  – His church – a reflection where God comes first, others come second and yourself  the very last.

This was the outstanding decor… there was some little wired hearts on each table, that you could take with you – which I did 😉

SJ and Leon's wedding-2

SJ and Leon's wedding-3  The ceremony took place at Christ church Kenilworth. It’s such a beautiful church! Little Poppy Honey walked first down the aisle, with the help of Daddy Ross, and she did so well. Apparently at the rehearsal she refused to walk so a double ‘yeah!’ for Poppy!!SJ and Leon's wedding-4

Justin Mote led the ceremony and married the two birds. He is an amazing christian guy and I thoroughly enjoy him, and his preaching. I think weddings are an excellent reminder for married couple of how we are supposed to love our spouses, as a daily denial of ourselves…

SJ and Leon's wedding-6


The flower girls were very cute, and so were the bridemaids!SJ and Leon's wedding-5

Now it seems that this collage is out of place, but no! This is Jesse and her mum Bonnie, holding a little 3 months old little girl. This little one has been abandoned and is in need of foster parents and ultimately adoptive parents. She is very cute…

SJ and Leon's wedding-1

Our table rocked!

SJ and Leon's wedding-7

SJ and her bridemaids had prepared a little Mamamia show, to the surprise of Leon, but not too his dislike 😉

SJ and Leon's wedding

And so the dancing began, first with the dad. Very special moment!

SJ and Leon's wedding-8

And the throwing of the bouquet with a crowd of very expectant maids, and the throwing of the garter band to a wild guy crowd! But you can see that SJ takes no nonsense – bottom pic right 😉

SJ and Leon's wedding-9    

That’s us, on the day!!



One Response to “Two becoming one…”

  1. Leon January 19, 2009 at 12:42 pm #

    Thank you Inks! Very sweet and you two also looked great on the day! What confuses me is why this article isn’t getting more hits:)

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