Jethro is 3!

14 Jan

Sometimes on Saturdays, we have nothing planned, and sometimes we have lots planned. This Saturday was one of those, and I’m not complaining, I actually like it. Phil tends to be much less enthusiastic than me, it depends on teh activities planned!! I like being busy the whole time, being on the go, and it seems that my kids do too. It is obviously easier now that they are not infants anymore. Matt is weaning himself from his lunch nap, and even though it is tragic, I should the most of those nap-free days!

So yesterday started with Jethro’s 3rd birthday party! Jethro is my godchild and even though I find that I can’t give him as much time as I would like, he is very precious to my heart – and to Matt’s heart too. They are great mischievous buddies.

Caren, his mum, had planned a very sweet party, nothing too fancy.She is a trained pre-school teacher  – one of the best one may I add! – and so she has nop problem making simple activites with children becoming great fun! She had prepared a show-and-tell story of a worm that eats throughout his day, including numbers to count… Kids were sitting and listening and counting, even my turbulent Killian did!!

So in pictures, Jethro’s party!

Caren doing her sweet worm story…

Jethro's third birthday!-1 

Some of the kids at the party…

Jethro's third birthday!-2

The tam-tam rhythm to help kids find their party packet…

Jethro's third birthday!-3

Some of the mums, lots of kangaroo babies and no, I’m not pregnant…

Jethro's third birthday!-4

The cake… The pics are bad. The lighting was too dark for my camera and made all the pics blurred.

Jethro's third birthday!-5

  There was swimming too for the older and braver kids…

Jethro's third birthday!-6

And some very cute and cuddly moment between mum and Jethro…

Jethro's third birthday!-7


After the party, we went to the Waterfront to meet with my mum and Claude that I had dropped earlier that morning. DUring the summer, there are a lot of activities there. It was stunning! 

More on the next post as I’ve been waiting to publish this one for a few days 😉


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