I des-te-te everything!

21 Jan

How interesting to see the different personalities in one’s children.

Here goes one of my conversation between Léa and Killian about the seasons summer and winter. I’m explaining to them what is summer (hot and sunny weather, swimming…) and what is winter (cold weather, lots of rain, no swimming, socks and shoes…). So I ask Léa what is her favourite season. She kindly and calmy replies that she loves summer because she loves to swim and she likes ice cream. Fair enough, it makes sense to me. Then I ask Killian ‘and you bokkie, what is your favorite season?’ and a crazy, surprisingly angry and annoyed little boy replies that he detests (in fact ‘des-te-te) the hot and the cold, the swimming and the rain and that’s why he des-te-tes all the seasons…

All that with a giggling Léa in the background wondering what bee just stung him!

Well, that will teach me to ask stupid questions 🙂


One Response to “I des-te-te everything!”

  1. Phillip January 21, 2009 at 3:34 pm #

    My sweet Killian. How will I ever understand him? Good thing I don’t need to understand him to love him.

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