Soul of Africa – Moyo

22 Jan

Before my mum and Claude left, we took them to Spier, one of the most famous wine farm. We thought of having a picnic there. There is a deli where you can pick and choose and make your own basket. I found that the deli was not very well ‘furnished’ and the restaurants looked really nice. Then we discovered Moyo!!!

The word “moyo’ means soul, or heart (in the different African languages) It certainly represents part of the soul of Africa. What an experience!! It is by far the best restaurant experience I ever had! It’s much more than a restaurant, it’s a walk in the African footprints and culture. Because we went for lunch and because it was a Monday, there wasn’t too many people, which added to the greatness of the day. We were given a tree-house table. The deck was built around a huge tree, where the kids had such fun climbing on and off the whole time. The setting was unbelievable, particularly for them. There was a water feature that led into the bushes, with a big enough trail for the kids to imagine being in a jungle without us having to worry about the whereabouts. The food was yummy. It’s a buffet so you eat as much as you like…and we did eat as much as we could!! The service was irreproachable, with face painting, washing of the hands and lazy couches to drink our coffee.

In one word, or two, I REALLY recommend it! A great advantage as well, especially for big families, is that kiddies don’t pay!! 😉

The day actually started with a stroll on the wine farm, with a compulsory stop at their craft market. We left just before the kids take all these bead-animals and play with them…




Léa was amazed at the closeness of these little ducklings. They are so tame it’s frightening. They are obviously very used to people feeding them and they got their fair share of voluntary and involuntary bread feeding with us!


At Moyo, the amazing African-experience restaurant!


My mum and I…


The washing of the hands. Matt was so diligent 🙂


Different face painting…


The musicians were really good and enthusiastic. They offered to take a picture of all of us and went the extra mile by taking plenty!!


Later on, they came to our table to give us a ‘private’ song moment. Such awesome voices…


And the lazy after food moment…


Sweet bonding between Claude and Matt!



One Response to “Soul of Africa – Moyo”

  1. beaded animals September 9, 2013 at 10:03 am #

    Love the beaded animals!

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