Portrait of a warrior

26 Jan

The posts in these categories ( I am Léa, I am Killian and I am Mattéas) are a record of sweet, interesting or confusing ideas that make them who they are; a bit like a diary that, one day, when they’re 18, they will open and read, and hopefully chuckle at the things they said or did.

This is for them…

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at Landudno beach (more on that in a future post, as soon as I get my camera back). We were parked quite far and it was quite late and so Phillip went ahead to fetch the car with you Killian. One of those father and son’s moment where discussion just flows easily.

As you’re walking back, you ask about the creatures that come out at night.

“Eum, bats come out at night”, says your father.

“Mmh, ok. What else?” “Well, spiders come out at night’, he adds.

“Mmh, ok. What else?” “Euh…Scorpions come out at night”, starting to wonder at the reason of these questions about nocturnal activities.

“Mmmh, ok. What else?” ” Well, I think cockroaches as well… But why are you asking me these questions?” asked your father.

“Because I heard a noise in the bush and I didn’t know what it could be” was your reply.

You have an interesting mind, my little warrior…


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