Ministers and ministering

31 Jan

Last Sunday was a very exciting moment in the life of our church. Mervyn became the rector of our church a couple of months ago but last Sunday (here comes the exciting moment!) was his induction ceremony. Nothing grand. Our denominational Bishop Frank Retief made him officially the rector of St James.


They both got to wear their white collar  and Frank officially made Mervyn the new rector of St James (here with lovely Alison, his wife). The ceremony, although almost a non-event, was actually emotional. As the rector’s warden, people’s warden and Bishop Frank laid hands on Mervyn and prayed for him, it was a reminder of how amazing it is to be tools in our Lord’s hands. There is nothing as ‘thrilling’ as knowing that you can be used saving people’s souls for eternity. There is nothing more fulfilling and purposeful than to share the Gospel with our neighbours, our friends, our family.


Frank was the guest preacher for that service and he preached an amazing sermon about evangelism, rekindling the fire that should be in our heart, relighting that passion for the lost, burning us with the desire to have an open door into somebody’s life. He remarkably reminded us that the ministers are not those whom we think. WE are the ministers, WE are to go out and talk about Jesus’ death on the cross.

It was very challenging to me. Starting to work at Reddam, I’m meeting a lot of people that don’t know the Lord Jesus. This is probably one of the first time where I am in an environment where I think twice before saying I am a born again Christian. I thought it would be easy to start up a conversation about the church, about Jesus, about what I believe…but not so. It is actually much more frightening than that. What are they going to think? Already I’m not into their social group since I’m only part-time, so do I want to be even more marginalized? Instead of being the French teacher (which does sound nice), will I become the-one-who-talks-about-Jesus? (which sounds a lot less nice…)

I can’t stay in my comfort zone and not be concerned with the lost. I can’t say that I love Jesus and yet be ashamed of Him. The Bible tells me that if I am ashamed of Jesus,  He’ll be ashamed of me when the day of judgment comes…  That in itself is an encouragement to tell the Gospel. But if this is not enough, surely the love of Christ on the cross to reconciliate me to God should be my inspiration.


One Response to “Ministers and ministering”

  1. alison February 7, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    The pics make me long to worship at St James once more!! The event sounded special. The pics on Doug’s Bday are great ohh I long for the beach….. shall go down to ours 8 hours away!!!!

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