First times – part 1

13 Feb

It’s been a very long break since last I wrote here. I feel that I never experienced a ‘beginning of the year’ like this one. I had far too many things starting up and needing to be organised… and I lost touch. I’m starting to get my head out of the water only now!

Here is a sample of our ‘first times’ since January.

Killian’s physical abilities continue to impress us and now that he had decided that he could swim, we decided to take him to swimming lessons. Swimming is the best sport I can think of for him. The energy needed and spent is just what a ‘Duracel’ boy needs. We found this great lady from our church Avril and he took on her very well. She is just strict enough with him without taking the fun out of it!!


Here with Avril.


Learning to dive. He looks quite good, I must say!


Learning to control the breathing, and the kicking.

Here is my proud mum moment. I feel that I can have one of those, especially related to my special boy. Avril says that he has a very good feel for the water, the way his body moves in the water and that he has potential for being a (very – author edit!) good swimmer. If nothing else, he really enjoys swimming and I really enjoy watching him move in the water!

The other ‘first time’ moment was Léa starting ballet. She’s been wanting to do it since last year – since her friend Anneke is doing ballet but she needed to wait for the beginning of the year. It turned out that Anneke stopped doing ballet but one thing led to another and she ended up doing ballet with two of her good friends, Kiera and Katie. I stayed for the first lesson, for Léa’s confidence and – let’s be honest, for my own sake too. It’s just too cute to see those little ones, turning, twirling, spinning, lifting, bending, jumping… all that in (5 year olds) grace 🙂 Not always as graceful as the swan lake ballet, but much much cuter!!!

She didn’t have all her dancing clothes (she’s the only one in blue), no stockings, no shoes and no pink hair band…Fortunately at that age, they’re not self-conscious about these things.


Beginning of the lesson…


The photo is a bit blurred because the lighting is not great…

They use ribbons and sticks (a bit like rhythmic gymnastic). It looks quite pretty. Maria is really making it fun and relax for them – while still sticking to good discipline – and she’s making up stories of fairies and catching fairies…

Léa just looooooved it and asks me everyday if it is dancing day!


On her right is her friend Kiera. At the first lesson, whenever she was not next to her anymore in the circle, she would move back to where she was to be next to her friend 🙂


And the group hug at the end of the lesson 🙂

The nice thing too is that it gives Léa a bit of ‘girlie’ play which she lacks at home, having two brothers. It’s nice to see her with her hair really tied back. She happily lets me do it ‘for the dancing class’ 🙂

Another ‘first’ for 2009 are the art lessons. We do them with a friend of mine Sally who is a professional art teacher but being pregnant, she does it privately now. Léa knows Sally from last year – since we had lessons last year too but on a much more informal setting. This year it’s with other little kiddies. Killian didn’t sit down long enough to be part of the lesson, so it will be for Léa only, while the boys play in the garden. No pic here, because I was busy sipping tea with my friend Caren (the lessons are happening in her garage). One can’t do everything!!

I’ll stop here for now and post that so long!


4 Responses to “First times – part 1”

  1. Grant Hinds March 14, 2009 at 3:35 pm #

    Man! Killian swimming must be a dangerous affair!

  2. Kerry February 16, 2009 at 2:22 pm #

    Aahhh I love Ballet! Becky needs to grow up fast! That’s so cute! You can just see that Lea is in her element!

  3. Kerry February 16, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    Well done Killies! Keep at it. May you end up like Phelps but without the dagga pipe.

  4. Phillip February 14, 2009 at 7:43 am #

    Very cute!!! Killian looks a bit like a fly with the goggles but what can you do?

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