(More) First times – part 2

14 Feb

Another first time which was very exciting was Léa and Killian riding their bicycle without fairy wheels!! I was quite surprised to see how quickly they got it. All I remember of me learning to ride was that I was around 5 years of age and that we were camping. Somehow I got it right with my sister’s help. The moment I got onto riding, I remembered shouting Mammaaaaann, look what I can do!!! Well the experience was just as quick with my kids except that I was probably the one shouting Léaaaaa, look what you can do!!!!! She got it first time with a little bit of a push on our grass and could pedal away. She even tried to start herself and managed to do it. The one day, not long after her debut, she kept on falling, and falling, and got scratched, and skinned and grazed…she was very unhappy about all those bleeding knees and elbows and she was mostly concerned about not being ‘pretty’ anymore with all those plasters everywhere…

Only a few weeks later did Killian also find his balance to ride the bike. He needed a good push to get started for a few days, which led to much frustration, on his part and mine 😉 Léa was her helpful-self and would often get off her bike to go and help him start. Very sweet sibling relationship building!! But nothing physical will keep him behind for too long. This – and sister pressure!!! What his sister does, he must do too!! Applied mind and determination (also called stubbornness at times!) lead to freedom!!

Isn’t this the proudest face!!



Taking off together!


That was the day he truly started on his own.


…and that is when we get distracted with… sewage…


…I leave you with this: a British comedian said that many people would enter the sewage business rather than journalism.

Maybe an early interest for my children…


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