(More and hopefully last) First times

18 Feb

One of the last new thing we added on this year  – which was like a come back after a few years – was our mum’s group Busy Kids. We used to have a group of us, mums-at-home with kids-at-home and we ran a program with them, from play-dough to painting, via craft and music. It was around 15 kids and 5 or 6 mums. it was a lot of fun for the kids, a bit of hard work for the mum and a bunch of reaped benefits for all of us!
Last year, Hayley, Taryn and Kerry started again the Busy Kids group with their kiddies. Mine were half in school, half at home and it was a year of big change for us between my new job starting 2 days a week, Killian’s special needs becoming more apparent and a bum between two chairs: school or homeschool…

This year, it seems that we have made decisions that fit our whole family quite well. Yes, I’m homeschooling Léa. To get that french curriculum was quite a mission but after many trial and error, we managed to receive all the books. And it’s a com-ple-te curriculum: reading, writing, maths, science, science of the living, science of nature, music and art. All I need now is a week of 10 days, because 7 is just not enough!! The two boys are also home with me. Killian still goes to his special group and I finally start to see real change – which could be just maturity. As for Matt, since his new passion of puzzles (no joking, he build puzzles from morning til afternoon and we are not allowed to break the done puzzles!!!), doing school with Léa is very easy!

Now I’m coming back to the real topic of this post, and that was Busy Kids. We’ve started a few weeks ago already. The format is much simpler than the previous BK. One mum will read the book of the month/week (we work by themes – going along with Little Footprints, which is a south African curriculum. Taryn and Kerry are following it), and a craft activity based on that theme will follow, mainly by the big kids (Kiera, Léa, Katie, Jesse, Killian and Ben) while the younger ones (Matt, Sam, Becky and Jemma) play in the play room.

They have then a lot of free time to get to know each other  and be silly together, and that’s the main point too!! 🙂

Mattéas and Kiera are missing here…Not sure where they were! This is the beginning time of BK: songs, rules to respect, and the theme of the week introduced.


In our first session, I didn’t take – or have – time to take pics of everything, so her

e is the final first craft. The book we read to the kids was about farming and the gift of the sun. So we made little scarecrows!


Killian was quite chaffed with his scarecrow!! Good for him! It’s hard for him to concentrate during group time. As soon as there are more than 2 or 3 kids, his ‘teachers’ say that he struggles to stay focused. So the mat time is not his forte :)… but he is much better at his craft because he is kept busy and involved! It’s very encouraging for him to see his final product and he’s so proud to show Phil in the evening!

He made me laugh at our last session. It was toward the end and Taryn had the good idea to have the kids recap the rules (that’s not the good idea) and to give them a sweet for those who answered (that is the good idea, it is called ‘positive reinforcement’!) Killian, not shy for two pennies, blurted out in his not-so-broken-anymore-English ‘you cannot throw things in the pool’… yes Killian well done, here’s a sweet. ‘And you cannot go to bedrooms’….ok ok ok, slow down boy, let’s give a chance to others! ‘And you cannot….’

Well, 10 points for good memory and enthusiasm!

Here are more pics of the free play time -always associated with food!



Killian and Matt,




Cute Ben,


Ben and Becky on the trampoline,


And Léa,


I apologise. All the kiddies didn’t make it on the photos. I’ll take more this Friday. We’re having our outing at the beach to suit our theme – I’m guessing ‘the sea life’.

I’m looking forward to this year at Busy Kids where the kids can grow in love and respect of each other and where the mums can engage in chit-chat – but not too much. I don’t want to break the rule 😉 Just teasing you-know-who!

One Response to “(More and hopefully last) First times”

  1. Phillip February 19, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    That’s a very sweet post. You are so funny!

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