Mary Poppins and other gracious gifts…

23 Feb

One of the best gift God gave me this year came in the form of an au pair. Because my hours at work would be a bit longer this year (I work two days a week, from 8 until 3), I wanted to find an au pair who would:

* look after my kids in such a way that is beneficial for them – in my case that means strict control of their behaviour with a real understanding of who they are and what can be expected of them.

* stimulate them in such a way that they enjoy spending time with her, are not starved of attention when I come home and are not dying to get out of the house with me as soon as I step in.

That would have to be someone really special to do this hard job, with my precious children. And once I would find that person, why on earth would she be an ‘au pair’ and not already working, or studying or simply too expensive… Well circumstances were in my favour for Andie who was just back from England, at the end of her job, a desire to take a sit back for a while, a gift with children (even though she’ll argue that she struggles with them – ???) and a long-lasting friendship with each other!

Andie was in my youth group when I was still doing Youth ministry and I always had a soft spot for her. She was a relatively new Christian at the time and she had that energetic, naive and spontaneous love for the Lord combined with a desire to grow. She has since then grown a lot in maturity and to have her as an au pair is the best I could imagine.

What more can I expect than reliability, complete trust, enthusiasm, keenness, willingness to understand the children? Well she has all that and more. It’s such a pleasure to come home to children that are (still) busy painting, have done puzzles, craft, gone to the park, swam, baked, cooked, eaten a proper lunch and snacks, have been disciplined accordingly, have been praised, got individual attention, had their rest at the right time, have been read and taught from the Bible, and more importantly have been loved!

…and an au pair who even take the time to take pics…sigh!!

They repainted the doll house (twice actually!) First time was really random colour -we can positively say initiation to primary colours. The second time around was more pleasing to the eyes! But hey, they had fun, who cares!


Team work!


Child labour in gardening!



with good results!


Baking ( I actually think that this bunch of cookies was made with me)


Blue ice (or icing) All I know is that it was done with blue food colorant and that miraculously, there was nothing on their clothes nor on my couch!


That was real hand baking with Andie. Clearly they had never done the mixing with the hands before (with me, it’s much more control-freaked 😉 ) and they apparently looked at Andie with are-you-sure-you-know-what-you’re-doing eyes…



And some new bicycle achievement, always in team work!



Here are more random pics with ‘I’m in my world’ face


‘I’m a monkey’ face,


‘I’m stronger than you’ face,


and ‘how can I make this a weapon’ face…


Thank you my dear Andie for being the best au pair I could have dreamed of. Thank you for going to Killian’s centre for his benefit, thank you for being strict with them, thank you for loving them when I’m not there – and when I’m there too and thank you for loving the Lord so that in turn you can love too…

One Response to “Mary Poppins and other gracious gifts…”

  1. Phillip February 24, 2009 at 8:26 am #

    Another very sweet post.
    Andy really is a wonderful gift from God to the kids and to my wife which makes her a good gift to me too!!!

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