11 Mar

The last week end of February was our first Young Adults camp of the year. It’s been the culmination of a few months of preparations to make sure that everything was well in place. I’m not great at admin stuff – I like to blame it on all sort of extenuating circumstances “I’m too busy” “the kids are in my legs” “the Internet was not Internet-ish’…but it actually all boils down to: I’m not too great at admin stuff. One of my responsibilities was to make sure we have a camp site and organised the catering. If we ignore the steps in between (no the camp site is not available, yes it is but not the right date, oh no I booked the wrong date, oops I missed the deadline, when was I supposed to have the deposit paid?…), we managed to get the camp site we wanted, at the date we wanted (well I think it was the desired date!).

Phillip had the camp formed designed (by our good friend Jordan), the catering organised and more importantly the talks prepared. Our theme was Relate: God, Church, Marriage. I think we had very challenging talks, particularly the one on marriage.

The talk about God set the tone of the camp. For any other relationship to work, our relationship with God needs to be sorted. We need to have experienced the forgiveness of God, through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus to truly understand His Grace in our lives. We need to have submitted to the authority of our Lord to develop a truthful relationship with Him.

The second talk flowed naturally into understanding our relationships with each other in a world where it is so difficult to get along with people. If our relationship with God is right, we will submit to one another out of reverence for Christ; we will forgive each other because we have been forgiven; we will love each other selflessly because we have been loved unconditionally and selflessly.

Finally, the last talk was about relationship within marriage. While it is true that our relationship between spouses will resemble any other relationship, the dynamic within marriage is slightly different. For young people who are not yet married, it is a great advantage  to know what one should expect before you walk into such an important covenant. As Christians, we do believe that marriage is a once off thing, a one-time only offer, never to be repeated, a contract never to be broken so it is certainly not a light matter. How should  a husband be in a marriage? What are the responsibilities of a wife? Working with the text in Ephesians, Phillip showed us how the husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church, sacrificially, even when it doesn’t suit his agenda, even when his desires are not met, even when he’s tired and even when his heart is telling him otherwise… The wife on the other hand is challenged to submit to her husband, even when he is not worthy of submission. Would she allow him to be the head and  trust that he is leading her for her good, just as she allowed Christ to lead her to salvation? One very helpful illustration was that Christian leadership looks like an upside down pyramid, which implies in marriage that the husband becomes a servant head. Mmmmh, that strangely sounds like what Jesus is for us, the servant King. In the light of the different roles and responsibilities of each one, our choice of a spouse should rather be guided by his or her desire to be godly, rather than the desire to be handsome / sexy / funny or any of those qualities that do not contribute that much to a good marriage.

For me, he second highlight of the camp was the social side. This year, our Young Adults ministry has been overwhelmingly blessed . Nicole and her great enthusiasm formed a social committee with a few other members and really organised some exciting social events, before the camp but also on the camp. Her organisation skills are a real gift and she had planned quite a few games and social activities to break the ice and keep it melted during the week end. Another blessing was Kirsty and Leighton joining our ministry this year. Their energy and passion for the ministry is contagious and their extravert personalities always make for a good laugh!! YA are privileged to have this whole troop of gifted, committed and motivated people!!

Now in pictures…

That is the hall where we had all our sessions and games. A great 70 people made it on the camp and it created a really good vibe!


The first ice breaker game was to form to circles, one inside and one outside. The two circles moved in different directions and you had to share a little bit of your self with the person opposite you. Inevitably, you meet people you don’t know. Even if you only remember their name, it’s a first step!

YA Camp-5 

This was a very funny game where you have to guess who you are. Julia aced all her questions with a resounding ‘yes’ and guessed who she was under a minute. Well done!! The others, on the other hands…

YA Camp-1

That is apparently a most famous game at youth. Kirsty and Leighton explained it. It’s something about numbers and chairs… It’s a rough game, not for small players! And 2 broken plastic chair and 1 broken wooden chair later, the winner is…

YA Camp-6

Gareth interviewed Grant. Many of us heard him at church already (although he was much less talkative there!) but Grant has such an extraordinary testimony that it’s with hearing it twice. Plus if you like me and you don’t understand everything first time, it helps to fill the holes 😉

YA Camp-3 

Melissa was interviewed by Nicole. She gave us a testimony of how God intervened in her life to bring her to the point of submitting to Him. On a (much) lighter note, she also admitted she preferred vanilla over chocolate (hum hum, Gareth…)

YA Camp-2

Our music team was as usual at his best. I think – and I’m sorry for others – that on our Young Adults camp, we have the best music! The choice of songs is perfect, the musicians and the singers are so talented… It’s actually unfair on the other ministries! 🙂 Even little Nathan got excited on top of daddy’s head!!

YA Camp-4

And that is my hubby!! I think that his BIG interest in Mark Driscoll had an impact on him and he was even funny at times! I think he did a good job for the camp and I’m grateful to God that he could have the time and self-discipline to work hard for the talks.

YA Camp

But like Mervyn always reminds us, all the glory goes to God and his amazing blessings that He poured upon us. It was a successful camp, for no other reasons than we left there with Jesus at the forefront of our minds and His love for us deeply seated in our hearts.

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  1. Phillip March 13, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

    The truth is that as much as I like Mark Driscoll, I am much more influenced my Mervyn [I enjoy Mark’s hand gestures :-)]. Mervyn’s help in preparing cannot be overstated and he is a great gift from God to St James in general in the YA’s in particular.

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