28 Mar


Another social with the Young Adults! We – that is Phil and I – really thank God this year for the social committee and its hard work to organise regular socials with our crowd!

This time we had a potjie (For the french people reading, you say “poïkie”). In South Africa this means only one thing, food prepared outdoors in a cast iron, round, three legged pot using either wood coals or charcoal. Usually it looks like this:

but for us at Young Adults, it looked like that:


The staff is younger, more effeminate (notice the pink apron) and more energetic (yes, it is a golf club that Etienne has in his hand!). Etienne made our potjiekos, with pasta (apparently it’s not common)and it was so so good! Even Clint agreed and indeed, during lunch, there was silence!!

Here, Etienne, our professional golf player/potjie cook, with his apprentice Adam. A masculine team!


It was nice to see such a good turn-up in numbers. Again some new people came, so believers and unbelievers, brought by friends! Old friendship were maintained, new ones developed and a general sense of fellowship hovered over the Eagle Owl site!











That was the queue to the potjie, clearly the reputation of the cook was in his in favour…


But it was really worth it!

IMG_0177 IMG_0174

Some came from very far, at a slow pace!


Only to be chased by minimoys…


Some celebrities even came incognito,

IMG_0143 IMG_0142

But they got recognised and were given the appropriate treatment!

Rough tumble,                                                                               

IMG_0192 IMG_0194

and cuddles,

IMG_0203 IMG_0204

There was also some weird people with stuff on their heads(!!!???)

IMG_0207 IMG_0208

but they too, were given the rough treatment! Yes it is Steven in here. You can see by the faces that the carriers are pulling, not a feather weight!


But no cuddle for him…

Great time!!

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