Surprisingly unexpected!

7 Apr

I feel I’m so behind with updating this blog that I don’t know where to start.

Here is a sweet thought that I wanted to mention for a while.

I didn’t  get to write about this great gift that my husband gave me, only a few weeks ago, surprising me completely! And if you know Phillip, you’ll know that he can’t keep a surprise, a surprise. He has often phoned me to tell me that he had a surprise for me, but that now, it wasn’t a surprise anymore…

But actually, come to think of it, it is the second time in not such a long time that he has surprised me with an unexpected event.

The first time, after he came home from work and we had dinner, the doorbell rings and here stands Brenda, our baby sitter – Brenda that was not supposed to come! And in a very relaxed manner, Phil announces me that we’re going out, not only out but out to the movies 🙂 🙂 🙂 When we have the chance to go out, we’re often in a disagreement to decide whether we’ll go to the movies (my choice) or whether we’ll go for dinner (his choice). And I know, I know ,that over dinner, one can talk and chat and share intimacy, and I love that too but the movie option for me is attractive as it is an evening with no effort. I don’t have to talk, I don’t have to think, I don’t even have to look pretty… I can just sit my bum on a chair and be lazy. So for Phil to:

a/ surprise me and

b/ take me to the movies

was a real treat for me!!

The second time was when a morning, the door bell rings again and here stands a delivery guy (and not the pizza kind). He is accompanied with a big parcel, that needs to be signed off and all. Phil often…mmmh let me tone down, sometimes buys new things that are somehow related to the computer: keyboard, mouse, wires, hard drive, extra memory and other things… So in my mind it must be something along those lines. However I open the parcel – a girl can hope – and there is a new digital camera, no! MY new digital camera – the one that looks professional, you know – with the zoom lens, the image stabilizer, the wide strap… I’ve been dying to have one of those for a long time but they don’t come in cheap! I love photography. In fact, I wish I could go on a course, just to really know what I’m doing. My pictures are nice, sometimes even beautiful, but to really understand photography is something that I’d really like to do, someday…

On the funny side… the parcel actually arrived as two big boxes. After convincing the kids that no, I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything for them inside – you can hear the tantrum from here, can’t you? – I was also a bit confused myself. The first big box had been opened opened and I had the beaaaautiful camera in my hand and there’s a song in my heart… but what about the second box? No, it wasn’t another gift from my hubby – can’t push it either! – Here’s what I found:


This huge box, for this tiny memory card… Now I can hear the environmentalists throwing their hands in the air – and if they are french, their organic vegetables will probably end up on the city hall square by morning as a sign of protest!

You might not see a difference in the pictures that will be put onto this blog, but just remember, that they ARE different in quality!

Thank you my sweet Lou for this generous and very thoughtful gift!


3 Responses to “Surprisingly unexpected!”

  1. Debbie April 9, 2009 at 8:52 am #

    It seems there are a few of us who would like to do a course in photography… ok, so who’s going to be the one to get it organised??? Mmmm, I don’t think it will be me!!! If you find a good one, please let me know:-)
    Oh, and I like the new look blog – again!

  2. Phillip April 8, 2009 at 4:02 pm #

    My sweet, sweet darling.
    How very nice to have the two nice things I did in the last 5 years published in cyberspace. You know just how much I love that. 😉
    Maybe rather a little note next time? 🙂

    • inks75 April 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

      Ah ah!! Actually it started just as me wanting to show off my new camera – I’m still excited about it! – and one thing led to another…
      Sorry my Lou! Ok for the record, you have your horrible sides that makes me want to swear at times but you have some wonderful sides too… It’s a question of equilibre…

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