Surprising Miss Sally

11 Apr

My sweet friend Sally is pregnant, with her first child, due in May…

Her baby shower was on Saturday, but I couldn’t attend it – disappointed sigh! But my sweet friend Sally is also part of our Young Adults bookclub, and that was on Monday! The bookclub usually happens at my house, so I could attend it – excited yelp! And we decided to  throw her a surprise mini baby shower.


It was very short notice, so very little time for organising anything. Fortunately, there are some keen and talented bakers in our bookclub (thank you Jess, Kirstin and Rebecca!!), so they got to work and added the necessary pinkish touch!


The activity of the evening was a homemade test along the lines of ‘what would Sally do’. What would Sally do after her baby screamed for three hours, what would Sally do if her baby sneezes, what would Sally do when breastfeeding reveals to be more difficult than expected… It basically setting Sally in all the expected situations that WILL arise when you become a first time mum. We worked in teams. Alison (who joined us just for the evening) and I formed a team.Thinking that because we were the only mums in the bookclub, this test should be a walk in the park for us, shouldn’t it? …I won’t mention then that we scored very badly and didn’t get the prize!!


Well done to the winners, Cath and Marion for putting themselves in Sally’s shoes!! In fact, since they seem to know the ins and outs of what will Sally do, it’s only fair that they”ll go and help her in her hours of desperation! (Take that for fine prints!!)


There’s also always a place fro opening little presents!



For me, the highlight was seeing this group of ladies, brought together by a love for Christ and a love for books, putting love into action for our friend, making her feel loved and appreciated. It warmed my heart to see how excited we all were at the idea of a surprise baby shower for Sally, even if some of us might not know her very well.


So thank you to all of you ladies for being enthusiastic of the idea, for taking time to bake and make it look so pretty, for spending the time and the money to spoil Sally! I’m sure – I know – it was very special for Sally and I’m glad I could attend THAT ONE!


One Response to “Surprising Miss Sally”

  1. Sal April 15, 2009 at 8:16 pm #

    Thanks again girls for a lovely surprise, yummy eats, generous prezzies, special prayers and a fun evening! Having thought about the quiz more… I think I might change her nappie more than twice a day!

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