Family day at Moyo

16 Apr

Been there, done that…but I still love Moyo, the soul of Africa! Our experience was very similar to what we felt a few months ago with my family:  an extraordinary setting, a glance at the African traditional wear, music and language, a taste of a wide variety of food… all the ingredients combined to a very relaxing lunch and afternoon. We arrived there before 12, walked around on the Spier property, had a few climbing  – and sliding – moments with the kids, made our way to the Moyo restaurant around 1 and stayed there until they started to prepare tables for their dinner customers.

The play area and the river… Love the way Matt pulls his little underpants up so that they won’t get wet…

IMG_0836  IMG_0923

Staring quietly at the ducks,


Stuck between two rocks. For the heart-melting moment, Killian was the first one to run and shout “I’m comiiiiing Matty, just wait!!” (Like he could go anywhere…)


Killian showed off his supernatural physical strength, super fastness, extra agility, lack of fear and his additive dose of assertive personality.

Racing with Dad (and almost won!)


Having a nice chat with Oupa about the fish and their habits. He was actually petrified about what Oupa was doing, stirring the water gently to attract the fish.


Jumping from up high – I had vertigo just standing there (which is not a frame of reference because I think God made me short so that I won’t suffer from vertigo when I look at my feet 😉 )


Climbing ( now that was a very tall tree!) Our table was on a platform. We spotted a nest in the tree up high, which we made the mistake of mentioning. Killian turned it into a challenge, and there he was.

IMG_0973 IMG_0978

Another lighting moment – you’ll see the pun – with our dear boy was when Phil thought it appropriate to show the kids a few tricks with matches… (I know…) What fun! Papa can put a lit match in his mouth and put it out by closing his mouth. The appropriate response would be fear, and that was Léa’s response. For Killian, it was not! And so:

He estimates,


He hesitates,


He raises to the challenge


He stares at his dad to see whether he’s anxious,


He’s so proud of himself!


For Léa, the day was just fine because Ouma was there.


She also made a friend which was the highlight of the day, until that friend told her that her name was stupid which put an end to the friendship… Don’t you hate girls and their silly cat fights! I’d rather take boys and their straightforwardness… but more on that in a next post 🙂

She also had her share of climbing,


of face-painting,


and of cave-hiding


She was happy to just blow out the match and sing happy birthday afterward…


The grown-ups also enjoyed their time, trying out instruments and singing in Xhosa.


Phil and I didn’t do the African singing after all. We did our own singing – cheesy huh!


Monday was a public holiday, It was  Easter, the day after Jesus rose from the dead. It is now called Family day for some reason. That’s what we did. We spent the day with our earthly family.


One Response to “Family day at Moyo”

  1. Phillip April 16, 2009 at 3:25 pm #

    It’s called “Family day” because Jesus actually rose from the dead on Sunday 😉

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