Through the back lense…

4 May

It’s been so long that I haven’t updated this blog that I’m almost surprised to find it still here, ah!!

I think I’ll start with a few updates of our Easter holidays. This year, Ouma AND Oupa came to visit. That made it unusual and very special. We don’t often have a full set of grand-parents that come and visit us. It was all the more special that they now have a laptop, with access to Internet – and Murphy’s law, I have been off it for 10 days!! I nearly had withdrawal symptoms- but I’m back now and will catch up!!

Et pour toi, maman, qui sait meme maintenant mettre des commentaires…allez hop! A ma plume alors!!

It was lovely to see a special relationship developing between Killian and Oupa. I think Oupa has a special gift when it comes to special kids. After all, he raised  Phillip and he did a great job with my husband, and Killian has a special spot for his Oupa. For me it always amazes me to see how, with some people, Killian just clicks and with others, the relationship is more difficult. I guess that this is true for most children but not always on the same scale.

With Ouma, it’s always a time of fun and play. Ouma has this ability not to be phased by anything. What I drag myself to do, she just does as naturally as the baker bakes bread. So what if they eat the eggs instead of painting them?…

Always always new winter pyjamas!!



A tea party,


Maman, tu reconnais le set de dinette??? Regarde bien! Oui oui, c’est le tien, a bon usage!!


Some sewing lessons for the girl (I should have sat through that one!) I always leave my clothes to shorten for the next visit of Ouma!!!


Some pancake evening dinner with Nutella 😉


And even some Easter craft activity – Ouma’s version!


You’re supposed to decorate the egg, not eat it…Fortunately it’s boiled eggs!



And the finished product,


Now to the next holidays, in France!!!!!!! 😉


2 Responses to “Through the back lense…”

  1. inks75 May 22, 2009 at 8:05 pm #

    C’est Ouma, son nom! Ca veut dire grand-mere en Afrikaans.
    Bravo bravo!!! Ca y est, toi aussi tu peux laisser tes commentaires 😉
    Mille biz ma petite marraine!!

  2. Marraine May 14, 2009 at 9:40 pm #

    eh oui c’est moi qui arrive, sur les conseils de ta Maman !!Les beaux oeufs que voilà peints par les enfants avec l’aide de Moupa (il me semble que c’est le nom donné à la Maman de Philippe) Quant aux cours de couture tu aurais dû essayer de t’y intéresser cela sert toujours. Tes petits sont toujours adorables, et le petit dernier craquant !!! Comme j’aimerai les voir.C’est dur !peut être un jour avec la webcam ? Les pyjamas sont magnifiques. Léana est une très jolie petite danseuse. Ca ne te rapelle rien ? mais plus grande ;;;;Mille gros bisous à bientôt

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