Lights out!

22 May

When I was little, I remember being very excited when we would have a power cut. The thrill of going to the toilet with a torch, of not knowing where my sister is… but when you grow up, it’s much less exciting. Going to the toilet in the dark really lost its thrill… Plus we had our share of power cuts last winter!

When at 4 o’clock we had a power cut, we naively thought that it would be one of those two hours power cut and expected to have the power back at least for the rest of the evening. But when 7 o’clock came and we were in the dark, we had to make quick decisions as to how the evening would unroll. After being rebuked by my husband for grumbling and moaning and being depressed at the loss of my video evening, we both decided to make it work and made the most out of a night out!  In the end, we had a lovely evening – we are among the privileged ones: we have gaz so we can cook, we have a fire place so we can keep warm and we store a gaz lamp with many many many candles so we can see our misery.

The children, after asking their hundreds of questions (no, there is no lights in the bedroom, no, there is no lights in the bathroom either, no, the kitchen has no lights, no the TV can’t work, yes I’m sure the TV can’t work, no, I’m not even going to try, no the neighbours don’t have lights either, no the TV still doesn’t work…)thought that it would be the perfect night to take out their puzzles. Isn’t it the ideal moment to ruin your eyes on the small puzzle pieces??


I’m not going to say thank you to Eskom for a wonderful evening, but it made our evening quite intimate and interesting. I thought that the kids would be really sad at their loss of video but as I tucked Lea into bed, she said ‘ I think we should have one video evening, one puzzle evening together’… and so we’ll try!


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