Back to homeland

1 Jul

June 26: It’s D-day. Come 5 o’clock, we’re leaving for the airport. After answering a million time ‘not now’, I can now answer, ‘Yes we’re leaving NOW for France’.


The children are so excited that they don’t even fall asleep in the car – they always do at that time of the day! The airport check-in goes very quickly, thanks to a very organised Phillip who prebooked our seat – with the very helpful Craig.

There is actually not much to say about the trip, that’s how smooth it went. In the plane, the kids were very happy with the surprise backpack that I  had pre-packed, like a week in advance – PRIORITY!! We even had some very sweet surprise package by my Andie – but Andie, we didn’t open them; I hope you’re not upset… I’ll keep them for the return trip because I know I won’t be nearly as organised for that one!!

For the smoothness of the night, a little bit of Stopayne helped everyone to sleep soundly. Lea, as usual, was very content and self-regulated. She didn’t want to watch the movies, she just wanted to sleep, and did so until the morning. Killian was regulated by a fever and slept through take-offs, landings, dinner and breakfast… Matty, my original, asked for Ice-Age on the menu and watched, watched, watched, and slept, slept and slept… I know, not very original but it is made in a original manner to me 😉

This is some of us, at the beginning of the trip, in a good mood.


Watching videos (on the only working screen in our row – the Lord knows!) 


Sleeping soundly,DSC06250

With his fever, faaaaaaaast asleep!DSC06252

This is us in the morning. I’m glad the picture is from the front. I have the lovely bird nest effect at the back. Lea also looks not as cheerful as at the beginning of the trip 😉


Finally we arrived, through all the custom check, passport check and everything check. They were gracious enough to let me back in my home country, with my children and my husband. They didn’t seem to think that we needed our luggage though, so we arrived empty-handed. I think the french services were as good as the south-african ones; we received our bags the next day end of the afternoon. Ah, we could have bought new underwear and claim for them but we decided to go commando to fit in with the culture 😉

Matty mastered the expression of pouting – here, I can’t even remember what was wrong but the expression says it all!


(I’m working on the turning of the picture…).

Anyway, we arrived here safely, not healthily (our medical budget has already been spent, with 2 visits to the doctor – one for Killian for an ear infection and antibiotics, and the second for Lea for her pharyngitis and antibiotics. We’re on hold for Matty!) and we’re enjoying loads of sun and beach 🙂


2 Responses to “Back to homeland”

  1. Marraine July 2, 2009 at 1:57 pm #

    Toujours très heureuse de vous voir et Philippe ? Il yaura des photos de la France ? et avec les enfants Deffieux ? Oui Oui s’il te plait !Si tu trouves du mal, j’attendrai ton retour. Bisous

  2. Kerry July 2, 2009 at 10:36 am #

    Shame you guys! That’s horrible! Doctors on an overseas holiday is just wrong! May the rest of your trip make up for it. Glad eth flight went well. Sounds like it couldn’t have gone better (apart from the TVs).

    We’re about to leave for Onrus for a week. My parents have already taken the kids and I’m home alone! Wow! It’s always such an amazing expereience. I can hear myself think. Bye!

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