Le Annyclaud

2 Jul

After a few days of acclimatisation (getting used to the new climate, language, habits and routine), we’re settling in. In spite of the kids being sick, we managed to squeeze in one outing to the Geant Casino (the equivalent of PNP, just MUCH bigger and MUCH better) to pack a reserve of various chocolate, charcuterie and cheese – you never know when war starts – and a few outings to the beach. I haven’t yet remembered to bring my camera to the beach though.


 However, I did bring my camera to the boat outing! Claude, my mum’s friend owns a boat, a key largo 19 for those who know what I’m talking about. How awesome!!! We boarded just after 9, and sailed for a while. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Matty confessed that he did like it but his face was not convincing. He looked a bit pale, and out-of-it… The other two hanged on to their hats and enjoyed the sail!





We saw a lot of jelly fish; not great for swimming but so beautiful! It’s a different kind of experience to see the jelly fish in the sea rather than in the aquarium. They are so pretty, dangerous but pretty. Nonetheless, we found a spot where it seemed that there were none (or almost!) and we swam,  holding our breath. Phil snorkled, Lea lied on the mini-boat with a special see-through spot to look at the bottom of the sea. Killian, after screaming for dad’s protection from the jelly fish, agreed to jump in and he’s certainly the one that enjoyed that swim the most. Once he’s over some of his unecessary fears, he’s fearless and the only kid brave enough to swim without his safety jacket in the middle of the sea!!



We came back just after lunch time because the sea gets a bit more agitated in the afternoon and even though it felt quite fine, I became sea sick! The three kids didn’t seem bothered and they all dozed off; some in more comfortable position than others!



The boat’s name is Annyclaud (aaaaaaah, hence the title!!), a blend between Claude and Annie (my mum’s name). I think it is very very sweet!! It was a lovely break from the beach (it sounds very blaze and I apologise to the capetowniens in the rain…) and a nice bonus is that you don’t bring half of the sand beach back with you when you’re finished!


So thank you Capitaine for sharing this beautiful outing with us!


2 Responses to “Le Annyclaud”

  1. debbie July 4, 2009 at 9:25 pm #

    Hey Ingrid, after a few days of wondering (when all was quiet on your blog!) I remembered “she’s in France”!
    Sounds like it’s all going well – apart from the ear infection and sore throat, it’s definitely a lot warmer than here – the boat trip looked wonderful.
    Glad you are keeping us up to date!! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of “Summer in France”!

  2. Marraine July 3, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Magnifique !merveilleux! J’étais complétement ave vous en te lisant ma chérie.mais toujours pas de Philippe !serait il devenue transparent ? l’homme invisible. Je vais vite rentrer les photos dans mon album Bisous Bisous

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