39 something…

5 Jul

A few days ago, we celebrated the 40 years of my good friend Caren. I believe that 40 is a big step in someone’s life, a step where we like to look backwards and examine our lives, what we have accomplished, what we have failed to accomplish and what we have yet to accomplish.

I hope that as Caren looks back, this is what she will see. I hope that she will see that by the grace of our Lord, and through her faith in the Lord Jesus, she turned back from a life of destruction and hopelessness towards an eternal life, filled with the hope that we have in Him.

In spite of the failure to love and the ‘left-undone’, I hope that she will see all the good works that were put before her and that she did accomplish: a husband to love, even when at times he’s unlovable as we can all be, four boys to raise in the love of our Lord, many discouraged friends to encourage, people in pain to comfort and strangers in need to help.

Caren has a life that represents the Christian life in a nutshell: hard-pressed but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. She has this treasure in a jar of clay, that shows that this power that is in her is from God and not from her.

At the dawn of another 40 years, this is the prayer that I pray for my friend.

Lord, we do thank you for being who You are, for being the Creator of the universe, the creator of everything and everyone in it. We thank you for revealing yourself through your written Word and ultimately through your Son Jesus Christ. We thank you that we can be in a relationship with Him, a real and meaningful relationship, even if we can’t see You.

We thank you Lord for Caren and who You made her to be; compassionate, with a caring heart, someone who takes a real interest in people and who likes to help others. More than anything, dear Lord, we thank you for her faith in You, a faith more precious than gold, a faith that has been tested to its limits and that has proven to be genuine.

We thank you Lord that You love her, take care of her and that You have never left, and even in the midst of the trials she faces, You never will. We pray that we, as her friends, will keep on loving her, support her and encourage her just as she has been an encouragement to us.

In Jesus’s precious name, I pray. Amen

So thank you my dear friend for being all those things to many, but especially to me.


Of course there was a tea…

With healthy food,

Matty grows up

and less healthy food,

Matty grows up-1

and happy shiny people,



Kerry and Andie,


Karen and ooops I’m sorry, I can’t remember…


Renette and Hayley,




who is the owner of this:


Kirsty and Louise,


and many others…

And of course Caren, looking gorgeous 😉



And for the memory sake,



One Response to “39 something…”

  1. caren August 5, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    Oh Ingrid. This is a lovely post. Thank you!! I don’t feel like it was me you were writing about!! Funny hey!! the photos are lovely!! Thank you dear friend. I love you very much!! Would never have made it without you!!

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