Le cirque de St Raphael!!

11 Jul

It’s not Le Cirque du Soleil but there is an Ecole du Cirque (circus school) at the moment in St Raphael. They offer some workshops for little ones during the month of July and of coouuuuurse, we immediately thought that it would be the opportunity to have our monkeys ‘perform’. I mean, isn’t it a good idea to do acrobatic figures in a 30 degree marquee, with a questionable staff organisation? Well, in spite of the heavily regulated hour of circus fun, Lea and Killian could exercise their balance.

The 20 or so kids were separated in three different groups and went from the one station to the next, following very closely their instructor. You wouldn’t want them to injure themselves between the hullahoops and the gym ball now, would you?





Le cirque

Le cirque-1

Le cirque-3

The kids were quite happy with their experience, they even got a diploma to show off!! Killian concentrated brilliantly, except towards the end but I can’t even blame him. His instructor was not as professional as the others. Besides we are in the land where the kids are only just allowed to breathe on their own. I find French people overprotective with their children, leaning towards obessive-compulsive (more on that in another post!!). So the circus was evidently gentle: no trampoline, no trapeze, only a tight rope at a few centimeters from the floor and tons of safety-soft-landing mattresses. At least they were allowed, no, encouraged!! to walk barefoot!!


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