29 Jul

We’re back in our good old South Africa. The contrast is always a bit of a shock for me. What I used to love and find attractive when I first came here, I find backward and annoying now. It sounds very negative but it is excused by my weepy state of homesickness. The first time I felt it like that was in 2002, the first time Phil and I went to France. As we came back, Is pent two weeks feeling absolutely miserable and sorry for myself. I couldn’t see myself staying in South Africa and my poor husband was freaking out and was trying to make a plan to emigrate to France(!!)…until Astrid Askins a missionary from our church in France casually told me that it is absolutely normal, they call it culture shock!! That explains it; it doesn’t help with the symptoms but at least I know it’s only for a week or so…

So to help with the process, I thought I would remind myself of all the things that I really enjoy about South Africa.

Fair enough the supermarkets are not of the same standing as Carrefour or Geant Casino and I can’t find 300 hundred different cheeses, or countless kinds of vanilla La laitiere yogurts, creme cafe, mousse, petits suisses, fromage blanc BUT I don’t pay through my teeth, I don’t have to pack the bags myself and I don’t even have to carry them to my car.

Fair enough the towns are not ‘ville fleurie’, with grass maintained, flowers everywhere, beautiful old rustic windows and small typical narrow streets BUT when I drive or walk here,  people are so friendly and far more relaxed, not hooting, no insults, no flashing of lights, no fist in the air. I love that people in the shops call me ‘dear’ or ‘sweetheart’ and look at my kids and think they are sweet and funny.

Fair enough I don’t have my mum here, I don’t have my sister, I can’t phone Marraine often enough and I can’t see my little nephew and niece – ever, but I do have plenty of mothers and sisters in Christ here that I love dearly and that love me dearly.

So I’m feeling homesick and I miss the sun and the beach and the relaxed atmosphere, and I miss my family, I even miss my hubby and my children when I’m not with them but I know that in a week or so, everything will come back to its normal state and I will be able to look forward to the next time we’ll plan to go to France without sighing in my heart…

In the meantime, I’m going to put my pictures on the computer and write all the blog posts I didn’t have time to write while I was there and fill up my french tank of love by looking over and over at the 952 pictures we took 😉


5 Responses to “Homesickness”

  1. alison August 16, 2009 at 11:38 pm #

    I hear you Inks but from the other end so to speak if that makes sense!!!
    How are you?
    Lots of love


  2. Debby Garratt August 1, 2009 at 5:23 pm #

    I am so sorry you are struggling, Inks, but so good what you are doing, focusing on what is good. I think I will do that too. Having my dad visit was like going home – it has brought it all back. But we must be thankful for what we have. Your church, with a brilliant children’s work, is a big plus for life in South Africa. Lots of love.

  3. Marraine July 31, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

    Ma petite chérie, que ce passe t-il ?Tu m’as fais presque pleurer en te lisant. Un vilain petit chagrin? quitter sa Maman, c’est vrai c’est dur(surtout la tienne).Mais tu as un si gentil mari qui est fort sur qui tu peux t’appuyer,des beaux enfants aimant tellement leur maman.Et les parents de Phil? ils sont là,présents. Il ne faut pas faiblir,mais je suis dûre que c’est déjà passé.Ta soeur tu ne la verrais pas plus,elle aussi a sa vie.par contre,(rigoles) ta Marraine, tu la verrais plus souvent hi hi hi, si si !!Je vais prier pour que tu retrouves ta sérénité si ce n’est déjà fait(ce que j’espère).Donnes moi de tes nouvelles.Tu sais que je t’aime très très fort ma chérie.Je te fais plein plein de bisous partout partout, tu te rapelles? Ta petite Marraine comme tu me dis si bien.

  4. Annie July 31, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    J’ai deviné ton blues dans ta voix au tel .Moi aussi j’ai le coeur serré de vous savoir tous si loin de moi.Comme toi je regarde les photos.
    Mais je sais que tu es bien entourée et tous les bons moments que nous avons passé ensemble vont te faire retrouver le sourire.Je t’aime fort ma puce

  5. Phillip July 29, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    Sweet post darling. I’m glad you had a good time.

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