Beware, Luna park is not for faint hearted!

5 Aug

Luna park!!!! That’s the one thing that the kids remembered from last time and had been asking from the beginning: the ‘manèges’ (merry-go-round)that go when it’s dark! Luna park is a theme park, opened only at night, hence the name LUNA park (Lune means moon in french) a bit like Ratanga Junction, probably a bit better.

The nice thing about Luna Park is that there is a special area for little kids, like ours ,where you pay a price for the evening and they can ride as often as they want. It’s quite a reasonable price, for France, and you have quite a big range of what to do.

There was a mini pirate boat,


a gigantic jumping castle – where they managed to get skinned burnt!



another attraction that went quite fast, one where your heart ends up in your throat – and that when I realise that my babies are growing up: last time we came, they did it once, ended up in tears, shock and horror but this time around, they laughed it out! It goes up, up, up…


and doooooown,


And most excitingly for Killian and Lea was the climbing wall. They looked so good and professional. Best of all,  for once, they were ASKED to remove their shoes!



all the way to the top


Killian with a slow start,


quickly getting the turn of things,


The only not-so-nice thing about Luna Park was the mosquitoes. On the web site I read before we went, they did say something about mosquitoes. You would think that I would have come prepared, especially with Lea reacting quite badly to it…but no, I didn’t. Here we come, in the light-filled place and what you first see around you is not children laughing and having fun – although that too – but this cloud of mosquitoes so tenderly surrounding you and after slapping yourself like religious monks, we had to do something. I went to to the guy who monitored the entrance to find out if they sold mosquito spray; to which he replied that unfortunately they didn’t, in spite of the hoard of people complaining. But because he worked there, he comes prepared, he added offering me his own spray. Thanking him profusely, I went and smeared my grumpy family – of which the children were not the worst 😉  Not having small change I gave him the biggest thank-you-tip he ever received but you don’t put a price on happy children, and husband, do you!!

Finally, when the kids had their fill, Phil wanted to try a ride for the grown-ups. He easily convinced Killian who never has enough of adrenalin pumping. Léa was only convinced because she doesn’t like to be the one who is-not-brave. Matt, inflexible and unphased by sibling pressure would have quite happily sat, relaxed, in his pram but because I don’t like to be the one-who-never-wants-to-do-anything-fun, I grabbed Matt and we all went… Well, that was an interesting end to our evening. It was one of those wood-log rides that go up a few hills and following the theory of weightlessness, what goes up, must come down. The rule is to put the children in the front and the adults at the back. So here we are, all squeezed together in the log, Killian in the front, followed by Léa, then Matt tightly held by me and then Phil. I’m not too sure why the little ones have to be in the front. Going up is ok, we all fall back onto Phil who can take the weight, but going down, the poor Killian got smashed by the hundreds of kilos landing on him. With a huge scream, the ride was soon over, not without a very angry Killian, a crying Léa and a very pale Matt who told Phil in a trembling voice that ‘dit was nie lekker nie’.

Well Luna Park can be quite daunting! Fortunately there is nothing that a crêpe au Nutella cannot fix 😉


4 Responses to “Beware, Luna park is not for faint hearted!”

  1. Edwige August 15, 2009 at 4:12 am #

    Ouahhh very nice!!!belle histoire & que d’aventure!!!Hey,si on m’avait dit que tu reviendrais au Luna P avec tes loulous & demanderais à acheter du spray contre moustiques!!!!Tu sais bien qu’en France ils ne font pas ce genre de choses!!!ici ça se trouverait j’en suis sûre,so family orientated they are over here…!
    Bonne continuation!!!XXX

  2. inks75 August 10, 2009 at 9:02 am #

    Attends Marraine!! Ca vient ca vient!! J’en ai plein d’autres de photos sur la France de chez nous 😉

  3. Marraine August 9, 2009 at 4:09 pm #

    Bravo les grimpeurs !! Mais il n’y a plus de photos de France ? avec Margot et Thomas ! Les trois bougies de Margot même pas ? Bisous Marraine

  4. Phillip August 7, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    You make me sound very heavy. Not nice!

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